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Turkish Exports Achieve October Record

Turkish Exports Soar to $22.9 Billion, Setting an October Record In a testament to Turkey's economic resilience and strength, October witnessed Turkish exports surge to reach an unprecedented $22.9 billion, a remarkable 7.4% increase compared to the same period last year. Trade Minister Ömer Bolat shared this triumph, emphasizing the nation's steadfast growth amidst challenges. Turkey's Triumph Despite...

Foreign Investors Preferred Antalya

Foreign Investors Preferred Antalya

Foreign Investors Preferred Antalya In Turkey, housing sales to foreigners amounted to 30,599 between January and October, with Antalya leading the way with 11,303 units sold. The sales to foreign investors experienced a 52.9% decrease in October compared to the same month the previous year, totaling 2,535 units. In October, foreign investors preferred Antalya and Alanya within the...

Properties Foreigners can Buy in Alanya

Properties Foreigners can Buy in Alanya

Properties Foreigners Can Buy in Alanya The Types of Real Estate Available for Foreigners to Buy in Alanya, Turkey Alanya, a coastal gem located in the Antalya province of Turkey, has been a prime destination for real estate investment by foreigners in recent years. Its stunning Mediterranean coastline, rich history, and affordable property prices make it an attractive location for those seeking a second...

Cennette Yatırım

Investing in Paradise

Investing in Paradise: Why Alanya and Ideal Estates Are Your Ideal Real Estate Partners Have you ever dreamt of owning a piece of paradise? Alanya, a coastal gem on the southern coast of Turkey, might just be your perfect destination. In this article, we'll explore why Alanya, and more specifically, Ideal Estates, should be at the top of your real estate investment list. So, let's delve into the many...


Exploring Alanya’s Diverse Neighborhoods

Homes for Sale in Alanya: Exploring some of Alanya's Diverse Neighborhoods Are you considering a move to Alanya, Turkey, and in search of the perfect place to call home? Alanya is a coastal gem known for its stunning beaches, rich history, and vibrant culture. As you embark on your quest for the ideal property, it's essential to explore the various neighborhoods this picturesque city has to offer. In this...

Alanya'da Tatil Evi Satın Almak

Buying a Holiday Home in Alanya

Buying a Holiday Home in Alanya, Turkey: Tips from Ideal Estates Are you considering Buying a Holiday Home in Alanya, Turkey? Alanya's stunning beaches, rich history, and vibrant culture make it a fantastic destination for both holidays and property investment. To ensure your dream of owning a vacation home in this beautiful coastal city becomes a reality, we've compiled some valuable tips from Ideal...

Neden Alanya'da Gayrimenkul Almalısınız?

Why Buy Property in Alanya?

Why Buy Property in Alanya? - Why Foreigners Should Consider Buying Real Estate in Alanya, Turkey In recent years, Alanya, a charming coastal city on the southern coast of Turkey, has been gaining significant attention from foreigners looking to invest in real estate. This hidden gem, nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains, offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich history, and...

Türkiye'de Büyüyen inşaat Piyasası

Thriving Construction Market in Turkey

Thriving Construction Market in Turkey: A USD 51.64 Billion Growth Story In recent years, Turkey has witnessed a remarkable surge in its construction market, driven by an augmented demand for real estate properties. According to Technavio, a leading market research company, the Thriving Construction Market in Turkey is set to grow by a staggering USD 51.64 billion from 2021 to 2026. Unveiling the...

Türk Gayrimenkulleri-Getirilerde %100 Artışı

Turkish Real Estate-100% Surge in Returns

Turkish Real Estate-100% Surge in Returns Over Two Years Turkish Real Estate-100% Surge in Returns has established itself as a particularly lucrative setting for capital growth, giving investors the chance to double their money in just two years. Residential homes purchased by savvy investors who entered the market in March 2021 saw the value of their holdings soar. This sharp increase in property...

Noterler-Yeni Taşınmaz Satış Kanunu

Notaries – New Property Sales Law

Real estate notary sales are now possible in Turkey. According to new legislation, Turkish notaries may now handle real estate transactions in addition to working with land registry offices. An important part of the Turkish economy is the real estate industry. It accounts for around three million of the 15 million transactions that Turkey's land register offices handle annually. Yet, the increased...

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