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Ideal Estates Company Profile

The Ideal Estates Company, offers a complete portfolio of real estate agent services in Turkey, including selling and renting residential and also commercial properties, investment sales and purchases, exclusive project sales and Marketing, and real estate consultancy.

We are a local company specializing in real estate valuation, project management, and real estate investment consultancy, including analysis.

Most importantly we also conduct research studies and valuation surveys at length upon request. In addition, we inform individual buyers and companies about the growth strategies in Turkey and the Antalya/Alanya region.

Generally, we advise clients about local real estate investment opportunities. We cover all the important regions in Turkey.

Company Values

Altogether with 25 years of experience in Turkey’s real estate market in the southern region, our customer relations are founded on quality, integrity, respect, and most importantly trust. We have gained an excellent reputation over the years by conducting ourselves to the highest ethical standards. Additionally, all our services are delivered by professional and qualified personnel in all business areas.

By and large Ideal Estates has redefined the traditional model of Real Estate Consultancy.



The most important principles that govern Ideal Estates Company Profile are ; 

“Above all we always try to make decisions and act in the best interests of our customers. Our foremost principle is our commitment to our customers’ needs and best interests. “

  • To treat ourselves and also our business honestly, ethically, and reliably.
  • Serving with honesty and integrity at the same time.
  • Specifically adapting to dynamic market changes.
  • Providing exceptional customer service.
  • Working for “win-win” solutions.
  • Providing financial management at a level that will exceed expectations.
  • Concurrently growing with innovation and creativity.

Our Vision

Ideal Estates’ central vision is to provide an  exceptional, and also complete service in real estate brokerage embracing comprehensive market knowledge and ethical practices. To create a real estate brand and make Ideal Estates the first choice of every real estate buyer.

  • To be recognized as a reliable source of market information and advice and subsequently be a leader in real estate services. 
  • To be acknowledged as a leader in the property sector in Alanya and Turkey; while maintaining our original level of service based on the core values of integrity and partnership.
  • We are cultivating talented people with an intellectual vision to deliver outstanding results to our clients.
  • Treat  all our customers with dignity and respect and take all kinds of precautions for their privacy. 

Our Mission

Chiefly Ideal Estates’ primary mission is to expedite the transition of the world’s nations to a sustainable new life in Alanya.
  • To be the most successful real estate firm not only in Alanya, but also Turkey.
  • To form a team of professionals who take pride in their work and always strive to ensure the best and most satisfying results for our customers.
  • To Present and sell real estate in the most cost-effective way to our clients as well as providing the highest level of service.
  • To be a leader and equally an innovator in real estate by offering services beyond customer expectations.
  • To provide unparalleled real estate services to local as well as international clients by providing 24/7 professional consultancy.
  • To provide exceptional customer service and peace of mind in every transaction we offer.
  • Establish lifelong relationships with our customers and also stakeholders based on mutual trust and integrity.

The Core Values of Our Company:

“The cornerstones of our practice are Ethics, Fairness, Honesty, and Integrity.”


Our motto is to serve with integrity.

As a leadiding real estate agent in the area we adhere to the highest ethical behavior and transparency standards in all aspects of our business to create a company that our customers and stakeholders can trust.

In similar fashion we always do the right thing for our customers, community, and profession. Equally important at the same time we strive to provide;

  • Extraordinary results
  • Real Estate Agent Accountability
  • Innovation and Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Focus on Solutions
  • Build Relationships

It is our duty to achieve the highest professional standards set by local and international codes of professional ethics and regulatory bodies.

As the real estate marketplace is a dynamic and demanding environment, our adherence to our professional Code of ethics sets us apart as the leading Real Estate companies in the region.

Above all, our commitment to professional excellence and also optimum performance ensures that cosequently our customers receive the highest quality of service. 

Therefore, Ideal Estates invests in and develops staff with relevant academic and professional qualifications, knowledge, and experience in all service areas. Correspondingly our commitment to our professional team ensures the best results for our clients.

Team work:

Our teamwork culture, undoubtedly the backbone of our business, allows us to combine the quality and expertise of our professional staff to provide Optimum services and solutions to our customers.

Equally important we are bringing together our professionals’ best ideas and advice to provide the most robust and efficient solutions to complex requests or issues raised by our customers.

Accordingly our success and delivery of quality programs and services largely depend on our partnerships with all our internal and external stakeholders.

 “Individual commitment to a group effort — that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” – Vince Lombardi.


All things considered Real Estate is an ever-growing industry that must adapt to the ever-changing market. We realize the importance to thrive with creativity and ingenuity. All things considered in today’s fast-paced technological environment we realize that innovative ideas, concepts, and processes are essential for a company’s continued success and growth.

We are a dynamic organization. Ideal Estates applies innovative solutions for our customers’ transitional needs.

This improvement culture of systematically reinventing our business processes not olny for speed but also for efficiency allows our team to find high-quality solutions for every residential and commercial need. For this reason making us one of the leading real estate agents in the region.


Another key point being that clients expect an above-average level of competence balanced against high level of performance.

Competency is achieved by not only understanding the facts and principles one obtains from formal training, but also the know-how one has developed through the experience of serving clients.

As a matter of fact in an increasingly globalized world, the work of a real estate agent is vital in a multicultural context. Consequently apart from language skills, interacting with other cultures requires a certain amount of sensitivity and understanding. Our professional team has a high level of intercultural competence in their business dealings  not only with local clients but also with international clients.

The competencies applied within IDEAL ESTATES company are: “Critical Thinking and problem-solving; oral and written communications; teamwork and collaboration; leadership; professionalism and also work ethic .”These core competencies identify the fundamental values and strengths shared by all employees within our company – regardless of the job they perform. Our values define what we believe is essential, meaningful, and correct in all aspects of our business.

Basic competencies within Ideal Estates Company Profile:

  • Real Estate Sales / Marketing
  • Financial analysis
  • Contracts / Leases
  • Legal and tax marketing
  • Customer Relations and Service
  • Customer Analysis
  • The Market Research
  • Systems and Technology
  • Property Management.
  • Negotiation / Mediation

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