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After buying real estate in Turkey, one of the best ways to integrate is to seek work or start your own business in Turkey. The constitution guarantees the right to establish a business or work in Turkey. And everyone is entitled to this right, including foreigners, but specific criteria have to be met. 

  • You have to obtain the necessary permits and permissions to start a business.
  • You must obtain a work permit to be able to work.  

Employment of children under the age of 15 is strictly prohibited in Turkey, and children between 15 and 18 are subject to certain restrictions. Violation of such rights is subject to severe sanctions.

Starting a Business in Turkey

With its rapidly developing and thriving economy, Turkey is one of those countries that attracts the attention of investors worldwide. With a young (more than 35 million), well-qualified, competitive, and dynamic workforce, developed transportation system, telecommunication, and energy industry infrastructure, and its central location puts Turkey amongst the leading economies in the world. 

Turkey receives more than $15 billion a year in direct foreign investment and has more than 50,000 companies run by foreigners. You can also invest in Turkey with similar conditions and rights as Turkish citizens. You can invest as a contribution to an existing company in Turkey or start your own business

In addition, if you prove that you have made a total fixed capital investment of a minimum of $500,000 in Turkey to the Ministry of Industry and Technology, you will be entitled to apply for Turkish Citizenship.

Right to Work and Work Permit Applications

You must obtain a work permit to work legally in Turkey as a foreigner. Work permits are issued by the Ministry of Family, Labour, and Social Services. 

Important Information on Work Permits 

  • After signing an employment contract with your employer, you can apply for a work permit. 
  • The employer must pay the charges for the application, and the employer should not ask or force you to pay those charges. 
  • When you apply for a renewal of your work permit, you can work in the same workplace and the same job for 45 days following the expiration of your original work permit.
  • Employers of foreigners without work permits are subjected to administrative fines for each foreign worker. 
  • Employers and employees both have certain rights and obligations in business life. An employed foreigner with a work permit has the same rights as a Turkish citizen.

If you work without a work permit; You may be charged with administrative fines, you will not be entitled to the rights and safeguards provided by the law for employees.

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