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Title Deed in Turkey (Tapu)

Title Deed in Turkey (Tapu)

The Title Deed document gives general information about the Property;

  • Owners of the Property (private, shareholders). More than one person can own the Property.
  • Where the Property is located (City, Province, Cadastral Parcel)
  • What type of Property is it (Land, easement, condominium) 
  • Size of the Property (size of land, share of easements)
  • Value of the Property (Official value in Turkish Lira)

In Turkey, only the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre (Tapu ve Kadastro Genel Müdürlüğü-TKGM) can regulate and register title deeds and their archives. 

Foreigners and Turkish citizens have equal inheritance rights, with both men and women. Real estate acquired by foreigners is protected for inheritors.

Frequently asked questions about the title deed (TAPU).
  • How are title deeds defined in Turkey?
  • What types of title deeds are there in Turkey?
  • What does property easement ownership mean?
  • What colour should the property easement (condominium) be in the title deed?
  • What does a land ownership title deed mean?
  • Can more than one natural person be registered in the same title deed?
  • Where and how will property buyers or investors keep records of their names?
  • What about the procedures for registration? 
  • Which documents are necessary for the registry of real estate?
  • What is the cost of title deed transactions in Turkey?
Procedures for registration of the TAPU? 

The Land Registry Directorate has several functions for buying and registering properties in Turkey. It provides a unified system and information center of all the   properties held by those residing in or outside Turkey. The real estate owner or an authorized representative of the owner may visit the Land Registry Directorate with the necessary documents and apply. 

Furthermore, foreigners can make an appointment from the ALO 181 center or online using e-appointment services and WEBTAPU.

Your real estate company can assist you in applying to the Land Registry Directorate.

  • In Turkey, land registry procedures only occur at the Land Registry Directorates.
  • Procedures performed in the Land Registry Directorates are done through the information and application departments, which provide the necessary information.
  • No Credit should be given to unauthorized persons who promise to accelerate the procedures before the Land Registry Directorates.
  • From the application submission until the end of the transaction, the person or authorized representative of the transaction shall be notified via SMS through the declared phone number.
Which documents are necessary for the registration of real estate Title Deed?
  • A copy of the Title deed.
  • If applying directly in person, a document of identification or passport is needed. 
  • If through a representative, a power of attorney issued before a notary is required.
  • Tax ID number in Turkey.
  • Real estate valuation report. “Real Estate Current Market Value” issued by the relevant municipality.
  • Compulsory earthquake insurance policy. 
  • One photo of the Seller and two photos of the Buyer.
  • If the procedure takes place using a power of attorney issued abroad, the original certified copy of the POA and the translation are obligatory.
The real estate valuation report by SPK

The valuation report is required to protect the foreign investor so that the foreigners who purchase real estate in Turkey know the actual value of the real estate they are buying. And also to create a value map for real estate at the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

What is the cost of Title Deed Transactions in Turkey?

The fees are the same for both Turkish and foreign citizens.

In Turkey, the value of title deed fees is determined by existing laws and regulations: 20 per thousand from the buyer and 20 per thousand from the property seller.

For example, if you sold or bought any property of 100.000 TL: As a Buyer or Seller, you will have to pay 20 per thousand of this value, equal to 2.000 TL each. There is also a deed administration fund determined for each year which is paid separately by the Buyer and the Seller.

The total cost of the title deed fee will be 4,000 TL by the Seller and the buyer combined.

In addition, the Seller and Buyer must pay circulating capital to the Land Registry Office for each sale. The amount of circulating capital is specified at the beginning of each year.

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The Land Registry In Turkey

Land registry offices in Turkey are the Turkish State’s Registries kept under inspection, supervision, and strict liability. The Turkish Republic State is responsible for any losses arising from the land registry maintained under Article 1007 of the Turkish Civil Law. There is no difference between Turkish citizens and foreigners in terms of the processes for land registry and cadastral procedures.

In our Country, Land registry procedures such as sale, grant, transfer by inheritance, and mortgage take place through land registry directorates only. In Turkey, real estate ownership can be transferred in the land registry office and registered by an official deed to be signed.

It is also possible to sign an “agreement for the promise of sale” in the notary. However, an “agreement for the promise of sale” signed in the notary or any contract issued outside will only constitute a preliminary agreement that implies only the sale of the real estate. Registering real estate ownership by an “agreement for the promise of sale” is impossible. 

For land registry procedure requests, sellers and buyers or their representatives with a Power of Attorney by a notary can apply to the Land Registry Directorate of the district where the real estate is located. It is also possible to apply to any Land Registry Directorate in Turkey or the Land Registry and Cadastre Representation Offices abroad.

Condominium and Easement Title Deed in Turkey (Red Colour)

Plots of land positioned according to confirmed local city plans are structured with existing city plans. For Example, local municipalities will determine the minimum construction size if zoned for villas or apartments. Architectural Plans for a building consists of independent sections, each indicating an easement. These types of Title Deeds contain the following information;

  • The location of the apartment in detail.
  • The cadastral number of the plot or land.
  • Value of the property in Turkish Lira.
  • The type/stage of The property: easement or condominium.
  • Total size of the plot
  • The building’s plot sqm share. 
  • Building number of the property.
  • Floor and apartment number. 
  • Names of the property owners. 
  • Shares of the property owners.
  • The registry information of the property.
Plots of Land and Agricultural Land Title Deed (blue)

Blue-coloured title deeds indicate plots of land and agricultural lands. They are registered as empty plots. 

There are different properties, such as agricultural lands, plots zoned for building, etc. The property owners must comply with the Laws and Regulations according to the property’s location in city plans. These types of Title Deeds contain the following information;

  • The location of the Land in detail.
  • The cadastral number of the plot or Land.
  • Value of the property in Turkish Lira.
  • The type of the property: Land, agricultural plot, etc.
  • Total size of the Land, plot, etc.
  • Names of the property owners. 
  • Shares of the property owners.
  • The registry information of the property.

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