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Foreigners intending to stay beyond the duration permitted by a visa (90 days) must acquire a residence permit. The type of permit varies based on the purpose of the stay.

The types of residence permits:

  • Short-term residency permit
  • Family residency permit
  • Student residence permits
  • Long-term residence permits
  • Humanitarian residency permit 

For more information about the types of residence permits, you can contact us, or you can visit the official government website at

You have the option to apply for a residence permit by either visiting in person or by appointing a legal representative to do it on your behalf.

Application Process

Upon your initial application for a residence permit or a request for a permit modification, an application document will be issued, containing your identification data, application date, and appointment details. This document allows you to stay in Turkey until the residency application process is completed. However, leaving Turkey will automatically terminate the rights granted by this document.

Upon the conclusion of your residence permit application, the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management will issue the permit application document. With this document and the receipt confirming payment of the application fee, you can stay outside of Turkey for a maximum of 15 days.

Residency permit applications undergo an interview and assessment period, with decisions made individually for each foreigner. Typically, applications are processed within 90 days, and applicants will be notified if the process exceeds this timeframe.

Upon approval of your residence permit application, the document or residence card containing your details, the foreigner identity number starting with 99, and your area of residence will be mailed to the address provided during your application. Hence, it is essential to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your details during the application process.

Necessary Documentation for a Residence Permit Application

Particularly, foreign individuals interested in purchasing property often seek to obtain long-term residential permission in Turkey. Acquiring a residence permit in Turkey is simpler than anticipated. The necessary documents include:

  • Application Form.
  • Photocopy of passport or travel document.
  • Four (4) biometric photographs.
  • Photocopy of the previous residence permit (if renewal).
  • Original e-signed or signed and stamped/sealed document demonstrating the absence of social assistance receipts in the last three years.
  • Original e-signed, signed, stamped, or sealed document indicating sufficient and regular financial means throughout the stay.
  • Criminal record (obtained from both their country and Turkish judicial authorities).
  • Document or receipt confirming payment of the residency permit card fee.
  • Valid health insurance policy.
  • Document confirming registration in the Address Registration System.
  • A document specifying the location of residence; If residing in one’s own house, a photocopy of the title deed.

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