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A Buyers Guide to Investing in Real Estate in Turkey


Buying a holiday home or investing in real estate is more accessible, safer, and more comfortable in Turkey than you would expect. We recommend that you conduct your own initial research following the rules of the law, should you wish to consult with a realtor, choose a reputable, trustworthy, and experienced real estate company. Our Buyers Guide will help you make the best decision with your investment.

When buying always remember you will need to sell one day, so keep that in mind when deciding what kind of property to buy in Turkey. Do yourself a favour: don’t go buying a property that will prove difficult to sell when the time comes, use our buyer’s guide to assist you in making this decision.

Foreign citizens have been purchasing real estate for many years in Turkey. After the Turkish laws and regulations for foreign people buying and selling real estate in Turkey changed in 2003, the number of foreign buyers from all over the world increased dramatically. There has been a high demand for properties from investors from Europe and Russian-speaking countries in Eastern Europe. Our buyer’s guide comes in several different languages to make buying real estate easier.


Buying property abroad requires professional experience and support. It can be complicated if you do not know the procedures. But, working with a local expert such as Ideal Estates makes your process easy and comfortable with the help of our Buyers Guide. It is a buyers’ market, but many legal and tax pitfalls may still await the unwary when buying property. It is important to work through this maze without putting savings at risk.

Our summarized Buyers Guide presents an easy-to-understand fact sheet so that, at a glance, you will understand everything you need to know about owning a home in Turkey. Before buying your dream home or investment property in Turkey, you should know the necessary and vital information. Here you will find information and resources to help you research buying property in Turkey, plus a directory of our company professionals who can achieve your goals and make sure that your investment is secure.


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