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A Buyers Guide to Investing in Real Estate in Turkey


Purchasing a vacation house or making real estate investments in Turkey is easier, safer, and more comfortable than you might think. We advise you to perform your own preliminary investigation in accordance with the law; if you decide to speak with a realtor, pick a respectable, reliable, and knowledgeable real estate firm. You may make the greatest investment selection possible with the aid of our Buyers Guide.

When choosing the type of property to purchase in Turkey, keep in mind that you will eventually need to sell it. Please do yourself a courtesy and utilise our buyer’s guide to help you make this decision rather than purchasing a property that will be difficult to sell when the time comes.

In Turkey, foreign nationals have long been buying real estate. The amount of international buyers from all over the world surged significantly in 2003 following changes to Turkish legislation and regulations pertaining to foreigners purchasing and selling real estate in Turkey. Investors from Europe and Eastern European nations who speak Russian have expressed a strong desire for properties. Our buyer’s guide is available in multiple languages to facilitate the process of purchasing real estate.


Purchasing real estate overseas demands expert knowledge and assistance. If you are unfamiliar with the methods, it may get confusing. However, with the aid of our Buyers Guide, dealing with a local authority like Ideal Estates makes the process simple and comfortable. Though it’s a buyers’ market, purchasing real estate still carries a number of potential legal and tax hazards for the careless. It’s critical to navigate this maze without jeopardising savings.

Our condensed Buyers Guide is a clear and concise data sheet that will provide you with all the information you require to quickly grasp the ins and outs of owning a property in Turkey. Prior to purchasing your ideal residence or rental property in Turkey, you should be aware of some essential details.In addition to a list of our company’s professionals who can help you reach your objectives and ensure the security of your investment, you will discover here tools and information to aid in your study on purchasing real estate in Turkey.

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