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High Standards of Customer Service

"To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity." – Don Adams
Don Adams
Don Adams

High Standards of Customer Service

At Ideal Estates, our commitment is to deliver optimal and accurate property services in Alanya for our customers. We go beyond just exceptional pre-sales assistance; our dedication extends to continuous support through our ‘after-sales’ services, accompanying you throughout your property ownership journey. Our real estate agents, focused on service, simplify the process of buying and investing in Alanya properties, making it more straightforward than you might envision.

Our primary objective revolves around upholding a superior customer service standard to guarantee the satisfaction of all our clients. We adhere to the following principles to achieve this:

  • Unwavering commitment to providing accurate and advantageous property services in Alanya.
  • Continual support through comprehensive ‘after-sales’ services for the entire duration of property ownership.
  • Simplifying the property acquisition and investment process in Alanya through service-oriented real estate agents.
  • Maintaining a high standard of customer service to ensure overall customer satisfaction.
  • Proper communication.
  • Empathizing with the client.
  • Actively listening.
  • Being transparent.

Best Practices to Provide High Standards of Customer Service

A best practice refers to commercial or professional procedures acknowledged or prescribed as correct or most effective.

At IDEAL Estates, we operate with the utmost integrity to assist clients in decision-making. We honor their choices, ensuring open communication and thoughtful recommendations.

IDEAL Estates possesses the resources and capability to offer asset valuation, investment consultancy, and management services for real estate investments of various sizes, complexities, and locations.

What sets us apart is our commitment to exceeding customer expectations. While other companies merely survive, we thrive. That’s why we prioritize training our team to deliver exceptional customer service.

Providing outstanding customer service is a key strategy to foster customer loyalty. Simple actions like prompt responses and adherence to agreed-upon timelines can have a significant impact. We understand that retaining customers is easier than acquiring new ones, so we diligently adhere to good customer service practices to maintain the relationships we’ve built.

Best Practices in Customer Service that We Adhere to:
  • Swiftly and efficiently address and resolve customer problems.
  • Ensure ease of access for customers seeking answers on our website.
  • Uphold promises and meet deadlines consistently.
  • Provide genuine assistance to our customers.
  • Recognize and reward our customer service team.
  • Maintain a dedicated customer service team.
  • Follow up with customers after they have received service.
  • Maintain records of customer information and deliver personalized service.
  • Utilize customer service software to enhance the quality of our service.

IDEAL Estates offers solid professional advice and high standards of customer service in the following areas: 


Real Estate Sales / Marketing

Market Research

Real Estate Market Research

Customer Services

Customer Services/Buying/Selling/Property Management

Project Development Consultancy

Feasibility Study/Real Estate Development Research

Real Estate Asset Management

Asset Management and Strategic Planning Services

Investment portfolio

Real Estate Investment Portfolio Consultancy


Negotiation / Mediation


Sales and Leasing (Rental) Contracts

Customer Analysis

Customer Requirement and Budget Analysis

Portfolio Management

Administration & Management of Commercial and Residential Portfolios


Residential and Commercial Leasing (Rent a Property)

Our real estate professionals prioritize your interests, ensuring property protection, occupancy maintenance, rent collection, budget enhancements, and meticulous record-keeping. When negotiating on your behalf, our experts are versatile and results-oriented, boasting extensive experience in real estate, particularly in retail property asset and portfolio management. IDEAL Estates has developed a business model centered on customer satisfaction, aiming to establish a lasting and sustainable relationship with our clients. Our management board embraces a collaborative approach, fostering a team-focused environment and providing guidance to our real estate agents on achieving results aligned with your best interests. Our real estate agents exhibit outstanding customer service, business acumen, and strategic planning. They employ various property sales techniques, including qualification, persuasion, strategy, bidding, and closing. With strong communication and interpersonal skills, they adeptly build and maintain relationships with clients, staff, and working partners.

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