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Ideal Estates Team

The Core Principles of the Ideal Estates Team:

  • Truthfulness and Transparency: We never lie to sell. Sir Walter Scott said, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!” We value truth individually and collectively. The Ideal Estates Team adheres to truth and transparency ideals when describing and showcasing assets, as it fosters social bonds.
  • Responsibility and Accountability: We prioritize responsibility and accountability among our team members, ensuring they take ownership of their jobs and swiftly and professionally address client queries and requests.
  • Understanding: Our customer service relies heavily on understanding the customer’s demands. Listening, watching, and acting on clients’ demands will allow our staff to make suggestions.
  • Professionalism: Our team of specialists undergoes training courses to assure 100% customer satisfaction with their investment.
  • Teamwork: In business, teamwork, collaboration, and leadership are crucial. We prioritize fostering a “perfect” mindset among our staff and partners to work together with our ideals.

The Philosophy and Capability of the Ideal Estates Team

The Ideal Estates team embodies both capability and philosophy, underpinning our commitment to excellence in real estate services:

With a wealth of experience in Turkey’s real estate market, our highly skilled professionals stationed in Alanya cater to clients worldwide. Each team member possesses specialized expertise in property management, project management, financial management, and marketing, ensuring seamless execution of diverse responsibilities. Collaboration and versatility enable us to deliver optimal outcomes for our clients promptly.

Embedded within our team is a robust leadership philosophy, driving us to uphold our core values and guiding principles. Through meticulous selection and frequent brainstorming sessions, we foster a culture of excellence and innovation, staying attuned to industry advancements while maintaining our high standards. Beyond providing advice, our real estate agents are dedicated to forging enduring client relationships, embodying the same level of commitment and loyalty reciprocated by our clients.

At Ideal Estates, our capability and philosophy converge to ensure unparalleled service delivery and client satisfaction, solidifying our position as a trusted partner in the real estate landscape.

Board of Directors and Management Executives

Our Board of Directors jointly supervises the organization's activities, and our Management Team brings a wealth of real estate investment experience and extensive professional expertise. Beyond providing real estate services, we focus on the growth of our professional real estate business and assist in every aspect of supporting standalone applications. Our team of executives always operate with our core principles in mind.

Advisory / Regulatory
Advisory / Regulatory

Serif KAYA is a fully qualified, highly skilled, and well-experienced company advisor. As a valued team member, he completes the effectiveness of our work by controlling, directing, and validating all our processes and documentation.

His essential role in analyzing market trends and improving quality assurance has dramatically impacted the organization.

He is a skilled advisor who incorporates professionalism, decisive judgment, and fundamental appraisal skills into his integral role in the company.

He is also an outstanding leader, proactively, efficiently, and effectively managing company projects. His profound knowledge and foresight guarantee that we will never have any “real” issues.

Lawyer / Legal Regulatory Counsel
Lawyer / Legal Regulatory Counsel

Deniz KAYA is a fully qualified, highly motivated, highly skilled, and well-experienced Property Lawyer. 

As part of our team of executives, his expertise is in consultation on legal issues and advice, reviewing and preparing legal documents such as agreements, leases, mediation, and arbitration. Deniz also specializes in Law of Obligations, Civil Law, Enforcement & Bankruptcy Law and Corporate Law and speaks English well.

He has extensive experience and expertise in Property Management as a Lawyer and a reputation for being a straightforward and effective communicator. 

His conscientious professionalism and ability to connect and communicate make him a great asset to the company and our clients.

Managing Director/ Senior Realtor
Managing Director/ Senior Realtor

A highly regarded member of our team of executives, Abdurahman KAYA graduated from Bilkent University, Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, in 1997 and from Anadolu University, Real Estate, and Property Management.

Abdurahman Kaya's background includes management of the family's jewellery division and years of experience managing the group's property and construction interests. 

One of the many aspects Abdurahman appreciates about real estate is educating people and helping them in the process of buying or selling a house. He is an experienced manager who focuses on maintaining excellent customer relationships and managing finance and accounts.

Abdurahman has been a licensed realtor since 2004 who often laughs and says, "Real estate is in my blood." 

Below are some of the things Abdurahman KAYA can do for you:

Consult: Whether you are buying or selling a property, he will first listen to YOUR goals and consult you accordingly. When buying or selling a property, you must know your goals and the time frame you are working within.

Negotiate: He utilizes his knowledge of the Alanya real estate market to negotiate the price and terms of your proposal. He will fully consider what is essential to YOU before negotiating on your behalf.

Analyze and confirm details: Abdurahmans professionalism ensures that he oversees every aspect and detail of your transaction. Abdurahman prides himself on providing excellent customer service and strives to make buying or selling real estate as stress-free as possible.

Abdurahman KAYA would appreciate the opportunity to work with you, whether you are buying a house, selling a home, or buying an investment property.

Contact Abdurahman KAYA today to see how he can help YOU!


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