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Property Investment in Turkey


The booming economic performance of Turkey can be attributed to; a young population, skilled workforce, liberal and reformist investment environment, advanced infrastructure, advantageous geographical location, low tax rates, incentives, and large domestic market. Since 1996, the Customs Union of the EU has been offering significant opportunities to foreign investors. These factors have all attributed to property investment in Turkey.

In addition, economic reforms in the last decade made it more advantageous to invest in Turkey. A suitable infrastructure has been created to attract foreign investors. Having the same rights and regulations for foreign and domestic investors offers a secure environment for foreign property investment in Turkey.

With the removal of most bureaucratic barriers, improving the taxation system, flexibility in the transfer of profits, and a successful privatization program, Turkey has become one of the world’s leading investment centres.

You have plenty of options when it comes to investing in real estate. You can purchase a single apartment, rent it out and collect monthly rent while waiting for its value to rise high enough to make a big profit when you sell. Also, you can earn money by buying  commercial properties much the same way you do by investing in residential real estate. Or, you can buy land and develop on it. All these options are available to you when considering a property investment in Turkey.


The 5W Strategy in Property Investment in Turkey

When investing in a property in Turkey, it’s all about rational decision-making:

Property prices are determined by local area “real estate comparisons.” For example, bank experts and appraisers consider street addresses and zip codes the only true collateral. Real estate consultants make their real estate investment commitments solely upon this appraisal data.

However, more than brokers’ and bankers’ mantras are required to guarantee a return on investment money.  

The bottom line of a successful real estate deal requires an awareness of five fundamentals: Who, What, Where, When, and Why?

A disciplined and structured approach to real estate issues is the cornerstone of our success and your success.


Do you have the technical expertise to understand the highest and best utilization of income, comparable sales, costs, and complete value analysis? Without this expertise, you are not an investor. Do you have enough knowledge about real estate investments? Are you the "WHO" to make the right decision?


What will it take to get into a deal in terms of financing? You need the skills to conduct meaningful financial analysis and the calculations to support it. Simply "thinking"; the money will always be there for what you consider to be a promising opportunity is never enough to secure the acquisition, even on a short-term option basis.


Are you entering a rising, stable, or falling marketplace environment? Put simply, the location of your investment and its market situation in that particular region. Small changes in location can drive thousands of dollars worth of difference in value and profit. And it’s vital to choose wisely, because it’s impossible to reverse!


Just because you are "ready" to make a deal, is it the right time to commit to the investment? Real estate success is all about timing. If your timing is off, your chances of a successful outcome are low. Have you carried out research for alternative investments and used units-of-comparison benchmarks? Are your prospective entry and exit calendars realistic or just hopeful thoughts?


WHY Turkey ?

Do you have a specific and substantial reason for the investment you're considering? Are you buying real estate for private use or for the anticipated income? The  reason WHY in the 5W Strategy in Investment is probably one of the most important. Have you identified all potential income benefits (cash flow, tax advantages, loan amortization, and capital appreciation) and weighed them against the worst-case scenario outcome? Have you formulated specific investment criteria and then followed them?

Making rational decisions is the foundation of all successful real estate investments. This is where an experienced professional with a personal and professional familiarity with small and large projects and the ability to guide clients, partners, and investors through distracting hindrances come into play. Our work with executive and investor clients begins by developing a list of specific criteria, including equity requirements, cash flow facts, reasonable return expectations, 360-degree risk assessments, and complete operational demands.


The last thing anyone wants at any stage of the process is the frequent "surprise" of unexpected assessments, health, and safety compliance issues, or inadequate reserves that suddenly get stuck. Anyone who invests or speculates in real estate has limits, and only by accepting those limits can you hope to achieve a profitable goal.

In Real Estate Matters, the first thing we do for our clients is to apply careful thought and financial discipline to any offer. Alongside our clients, we never lose sight of all the personal, financial, and market realities or that our client's security is included in these loan documents as they guide them through a structured decision-making process.


“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt, U.S. president


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