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Pre-Sales Services

Before Sales (Pre-Sales) Services That Ideal Estates Offers;

Arranging inspection trips to find your dream property
  • When you want to see and buy any of our real estates, we can arrange a bespoke property viewing. 
Presenting the best property and valuable options for you
  • We have various alternative properties to suit your budget and needs, and you can choose from any suitable real estate we have in our portfolio. It is not just finding you a property but also matching YOU to YOUR perfect property.
  • Feel free to contact our highly-trained professionals for additional guidance if you are not satisfied with the options on our website. You couldn’t be in better hands! 
Explaining in detail the purchasing process
  • Before you buy or take up any of our options, we thoroughly clarify everything you need to know. 
  • Please do not hesitate to ask questions or raise any concerns regarding your property or legal buying procedures.
Detailed explanation of the purchasing costs 
  • We calculate and inform you of all the details of purchasing costs before you decide to buy any property.
Explaining property taxes in detail
  • We guide you in calculating all kinds of Property Tax matters before purchasing.
If requested, we will also accompany you to any bank in Turkey to assist with a mortgage 
  • If you require a housing loan to buy a property, we can accompany you to several banks to get all the necessary information.
  • You are free to choose any bank which gives the best loan conditions.
Preparing all the necessary documents to execute the sales contract
  • Preparing necessary documentation and permits for the property before the purchase.
  • Organising necessary documentation for both the Seller and the Buyer.
  • Preparing sales contract to execute between the Seller and the Buyer.
  • If a contract and agreed terms have yet to be prepared, the lawyer or real estate agent will draft the purchase contract to meet the satisfaction of all parties by legalizing their requests.
  • When there is a written contract, the lawyer or real estate agent shall check the contract to ensure that it does not harm the rights of the Buyer or Seller and that it is entirely legal.
If requested, we will arrange an appointment with a lawyer 
  • According to Private Laws in Turkey, during the sales contract signing, IDEAL Estates can arrange this for you if a Buyer or Seller requests a lawyer to be present for legal advice.
  • You are free to seek advice from any lawyer who gives you the most confidence. 
Assisting in getting Tax ID Number
  • We help to prepare the necessary documents to get a Tax ID number in Turkey.
Assisting in opening a Bank Account
  • We help to prepare the necessary documents to open a bank account.
Don’t hesitate to contact one of our Realtors on our webpage for further details on our Pre-Sales Services.

After-Sales Services

After-Sales Services That Ideal Estates Offers;

Assistance in registering your Title Deed
  • Helping you to get an appointment from the Land Registry office to apply for title deed registration.
  • Preparing necessary documents for the property from both the buyer and seller.
  • Arranging a sworn interpreter if any party does not speak Turkish.
  • Assisting you in getting the real estate valuation report by SPK validated expert. 
  • Obtaining “Real Estates Current Market Value” issued by the relevant municipality.
  • Organizing Earthquake Insurance (DASK)
Registration of the property under your name at the municipality
  • We assist you in registering with the local municipality to pay yearly property tax.
Assisting you to register for subscriptions such as:
  • Electricity, Water, Telephone/WiFi, if required.
Assisting you with automatic payment transfers from your bank account.
  • After registering for the electricity and water subscriptions, you can set up automatic fund transfers from your bank directly to the supplier, thus eliminating keeping track of monthly bills and missing payments.
Helping you with your home furnishing and decorations
  • Assisting or recommending quality and service-guaranteed furniture stores and homeware shops with reasonable prices.
  • We offer furniture packages depending on your budget and property size. You will find these carefully selected furniture packages prepared by interior designers to be the perfect furniture solution for your property. Whether you buy your property to rent or live full-time, our furniture packages will meet your needs.
Where to buy quality furniture and durable products

Bringing your furniture to Turkey is optional. You’ll find thousands of good options at affordable prices, from local authentic to international style furniture. To learn about furniture options available for the current year in Turkey, please search “furniture” or “furniture Turkey” in your browser. Some of the largest furniture companies and furniture manufacturing companies whose web pages are in English are:

You can also see many retail stores and furniture showrooms across Turkey.

Refrigerator, washer/dryer, TV, oven, DVD/CD player/printer, computer, etc. You can buy durable technological household items produced to high standards at very affordable prices. Please look at the English websites below to view the products of some of the largest Turkish durable technology manufacturers. You can also find dozens of retail stores in Alanya where these products are sold.

Assisting you with property insurance 
  • If requested, we can also assist you with your home insurance
  • Insurance coverages such as Home Insurance, Third Party Liability, Motor vehicle, and any other necessary coverages can be provided by IDEAL Estates.
Don’t hesitate to contact one of our Realtors on our webpage for further details.


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