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Property Purchase Expenses


Turkey’s title deed fees and taxes do not constitute differences between Turkish and overseas citizens. Antalya/Alanya is the the second largest province for land acquisition by foreigners and also one of the highest tax revenues for the government in respect to property pruchase expenses. 

Expenses of Power of Attorney(POA) Issuing: 

Issuing a Power of Attorney(POA) means giving an authority of representation. Upon your request, the Notary can issue different types of authorization Within the POA.

POA costs depend on the type of POA and the broad or limited legal authority to make decisions about the property/finances etc. 

The following link is a guide to approximate costs of Notary & Power of Attorney Expenses in 2023:
Real Estate Transactions

In Turkey, the value of title deed fees is determined by the property’s price.

20 per thousand (2%)from the Buyer

20 per thousand (2%)from the Seller    

Tip: Title deed registration fees paid by the buyer in Turkey are decided mostly during negotiations. In addition, the seller and buyer must pay circulating capital to Land Registry Office for each sale. In 2023 the amount has been determined to be 190 Euros, but this figure could change during the year.The amount of circulating capital is determined by laws and regulations at the beginning of each year.
Earthquake Insurance (DASK) Expenses
  • Expenses depend on size (sqm)and the type of property: From 10 Euro
Sworn Interpreter Expenses                      
  • Expenses depend on the language, city, and contents translated: From 50 Euro
Real Estate Value Expenses by Municipality
  • Expenses depend on the municipalities’ application. : From 50 Euros
Water Subscriptions Expenses           
  • New subscriptions application :

If you have a residence permit: App.60 Euros

If there is no residence permit: App.175 Euros

  • Existing subscription transfer:

If you have a residence permit: App.10 Euros

If there is no residence permit: App.130 Euros

Electricity Subscription Expenses      
  • New subscriptions application including deposit: From 25 Euro
  • Existing Subscription transfer: From 25 Euros
Municipal Property Tax Expenses
  • Depends on the size (sqm), type, and location of the property: From 25 Euros
Property Insurance Expenses
  • Depends on the size, type, and value of the property: From 30 Euros

Sellers expenses:

Real Estate Valuation Expenses                
  • Expenses depend on the valuation of the expert firm and city area price caps: From 350 Euro

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