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After acquiring your property in Turkey, there are specific tasks that need attention. Organising subscriptions for electricity, water, gas, telephone services, etc., is crucial among these tasks. Ideal Estates is here to assist you in ensuring that all the necessary paperwork is completed, ensuring a stress-free process when applying for your utility services.

When moving into a house, apartment, or workplace, it is mandatory to arrange for electricity and water subscriptions. Applying for a telephone subscription is optional. All subscriptions must be registered under the name of the individual relocating to the property. Whether buying or renting, anyone moving to a new residence must personally subscribe or appoint a proxy through a power of attorney.

Electricity Subscriptions

Make sure to subscribe to electricity services for your property or long-term rental.

If you’re relocating and already have an electricity subscription, cancel the subscription for your current property and transfer it to your new address.

The electricity service provider will require a security deposit for the subscription, which is refundable upon cancellation of your subscription.

Documents required:

  • Title Deed Copy (known as TAPU in Turkey)
  • Habitations certificate
  • Turkish Tax ID number
  • Subscription application.
  • Either a copy of the owner’s Passport or Turkish Identity Card (KIMLIK KARTI)
  • The compulsory earthquake insurance policy (DASK)

Please check the Electricity Subscription Expenses Section for additional guidance.

All subscription contracts must be signed in person or via a proxy through a POA at the electricity provider’s branch office.

For further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us

Water Subscriptions

If you reside in a metropolitan area, please submit your application to the metropolitan municipality. For those living in other zones, the application should be directed to the Water and Sewerage Services Department of the respective municipality.

A security deposit is required to initiate your subscription, and this payment must be made accordingly.

Documents required:

  • Title Deed Copy (TAPU)
  • Habitations certificate
  • Turkish Tax ID number
  • Subscription application
  • Either a copy of the owner’s Passport or Turkish Identity Card (KIMLIK KARTI)
  • The compulsory earthquake insurance policy (known as DASK in Turkey)

Please check the Water Subscription Expenses section for additional guidance.

You must apply to the metropolitan municipality if you live in a metropolitan area or to the Directorate of Water and Sewerage Services of the relevant city if you live in any other zoning area.

For further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Telephone, Cable TV, Internet, and Satellite Subscriptions

To access the Internet, cable, or satellite TV services for your residence or workplace, it is necessary to apply for subscriptions. Numerous companies provide cost-effective options, including cable, internet, and telephone packages, with an extensive range of channels such as regional sports, weather, news, and more.

Subscription applications can be submitted in person, over the phone, or online, depending on the service provider. Service providers present various contracted or non-contractual packages and tariffs for the associated services.

To activate the services, authorised personnel from the subscription company will visit the installation location. The company will provide an appointment date for this purpose. The subscriber or an individual designated by the subscriber must be present at the address during the scheduled appointment.

To use services such as the Internet, cable TV, or satellite in your home or workplace, the relevant application for the services should be made and a subscription should be started.

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