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Notary Fees for 2023

Güncel Noter ücretleri 2023

Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by marie

Current Public Notary Fees 2023 | Power of Attorney Notary Fees

The most recent list of notary costs for the year 2023 has been released. Prices for general Power of Attorney (POA) and notarization of property title deeds and automobile transactions are regularly requested in the modern day. This year, 148.50 TL was set as the administrative paperwork charge. The notary public receives 171 TL on the sale of a vehicle. What follows is a comprehensive analysis of the question, “How much will notary fees be in 2023?” It is important that you read our entire article if you are serious about your research.

A notary public is a public official who witnesses and attests to the legality of contracts between individuals and businesses. Any city in Turkey will have dozens of notaries available to its citizens. Transactions involving the sale of motor vehicles and the granting of power of attorney to an agent or attorney are handled by them. Real estate and land can now be sold through notaries thanks to a 2023 law. In 2023, the minimum charge for transferring a title deed through a notary will be 500 Turkish Lira, up to a maximum of 4,000 Turkish Lira.

The Most Up-to-Date List of 2023 Notary Costs

In Turkey, all notaries are required to charge the same flat rates throughout the year 2023. Notaries are limited in their ability to set their own rates for their services. It will cost you 207 TL at the notary in 2023 to buy or sell a car. Changes to a vehicle’s license plate cost 275 Turkish Lira. Notaries can facilitate a wide variety of business deals. The most often requested notary services in the year 2023 are translations, vehicle sales, license plate changes, power of attorney issuance, and diploma approval. The complete schedule of notary costs is provided below:

2023 Vehicle purchase and sales 207 TL
2023 Change of License Plate 275 TL
2023 Notary car registration 207 TL
2023 Notary public issued Power of Attorney 550 TL – 1,900 TL
2023 Certifying Accounting from a notary public 192 TL
2023 Certifying Translations (per page) 203 TL
2023 Giving a power of attorney to a lawyer 192 TL
2023 Certifying Diplomas 70 TL – 90 TL
2023 Notarizing will and testament 700 TL – 3,000 TL
2023 Notary writing fee 9,50 TL
2023 Minimum notary fee 6,93 TL
*Notary fees may change throughout the year.

Notary Fees for Vehicle Sales Transactions in 2023

Vehicle purchase and sale transactions are made through notaries of the public. Regardless of the segment or model of the vehicle, it is possible to make the sale process during the day by applying to any notary. Notary fees for vehicle sales are 207 TL in 2023. If a power of attorney is given, an extra fee will be determined. In addition, for translation needs, 203 TL is paid for each page.

House, Land,  and Field Title Deed Transactions: Power of Attorney at Notary Fees

Land title transfer in 2023 starts from 500 TL. If a power of attorney is to be given for the transfer, there is a service fee starting from 240 TL. During the year, you can easily carry out your transfer and power of attorney transactions through notaries.

With a legal regulation enacted in 2022, house, land, and field title deed sales and transfer can be made through notaries. Thus, the burden of the land registry offices was also alleviated. It seems certain that this transaction will be the most traded service in notaries in 2023. In 2023, the power of attorney fee for house sales through a notary public is between 240 TL and 650 TL.

Notary Will & Testament Fee in 2023

Notaries are authorized to make written wills valid on a legal basis. The Will prepared in the presence of a notary public is certified and approved. The authorities determined the notary fees for preparing Wills as 313.53 TL in the 2023 period, and there is a possibility that this figure may be updated during the year. If the person cancels the Will by requesting to abandon the transaction, they can get one-third of this fee refunded.

Notarized Power of Attorney Fee 2023

The notary power of attorney fee in 2023 is among the topics of interest. Because when there is a need to give a power of attorney to someone else for a sale or a different transaction, it is absolutely necessary to issue a power of attorney through a notary of the public. Notary fees start from 192 TL for the 2023 power of attorney process. Depending on the type of power of attorney, this figure goes up to 1,900 TL. If you are giving a general power of attorney, you will pay an average of around 1,000TL. The notary public immediately displays the net price computation to you. You can get a free quote by consulting a notary near you.

Power of Attorney to a Lawyer Notary Fees 2023

When people need advice on a legal issue, they first want to consult a lawyer. The person gives a power of attorney to the lawyer, authorizing them to act in various areas such as home buying and selling, financial management, litigation management, and managing commercial activities, depending on the nature and scope of the power of attorney. In 2023, the fee for giving power of attorney to a lawyer is only 192 TL. Although it is advised to give a general power of attorney, the figure can reach up to 1,900 TL.

Power of Attorney to an Accountant

Finally, we will touch on the proxies given to accountants. Legal entities carrying out commercial activities deputize can accountants for their business’s financial management. In this way, business owners do not have to spend time on such issues. The power of attorney fee of the accountant for 2023 was determined as 192 TL. Each notary has a classic standard accountant power of attorney agreement. When you go, they will present to you this standard power of attorney document.

*According to an official statement made on January 01, 2023, there has been an update in the notary vehicle sales fees. According to this update, when you sell a car through a notary public, 930 TL has to be paid in 2023.




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