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Lifestyle and culture in Turkey and Alanya

Alanya Gazipasa International Airport

Alanya Gazipasa International Airport

About Alanya Gazipasa International Airport (GZP) Alanya Gazipasa International Airport (GZP) is the secondary airport of the city of Antalya, which welcomed around 20 million visitors in 2022. More than 25% of Antalya’s visitors have actually vacationed in Alanya. Due to the remote location of the existing Antalya Airport to major tourist destinations in Alanya, the development and operation of the...

Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is a unique and exemplary country in terms of its location, diversity and characteristics of tourism in Turkey, and cultural and artistic activities. Blending a deep cultural heritage of civilizations and a variety of geographical attractions, Turkey holds an important place in the international platform in terms of tourism. Civilizations that have left their mark in the Anatolian region date...

About Turkey

About Turkey

AN OVERVIEW OF TURKEY Official Name: The Republic of Turkey Official Language: Turkish Currency: The currency of the Republic of Turkey is the Turkish Lira. The sub-unit of the Turkish Lira is called "Kuruş". One Turkish Lira (TL) equals a hundred Kuruş (Kr). Population: 85.004.000(as at the end of 2021) Surface Area: 814.576 km² Capital: Ankara Number of Provinces: 81 Provinces;...

Turkish culture and cuisine

Turkish Culture and Cuisine

TURKISH CULTURE Due to its location, Turkey has been a home for the coexistence of different cultures throughout history, Turkish culture is a mixing pot of Anatolian and other cultures. The cultural structure of Turkey hosts a large diversity of people as a meeting point of East and West. In this regard, regions' customs and traditions vary according to geographical location and structure. People It is...

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