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Tourism in Turkey

Alanya Shined at the ITB Berlin Tourism Fair

Alanya Shined at the ITB Berlin Tourism Fair

Alanya Shined at the ITB Berlin Tourism Fair Alanya, known as Turkey's tourism capital, made a grand appearance at this year's ITB Berlin Tourism Fair from March 5th to 7th. The city showcased itself on the international stage with a meticulously designed 80-square-meter stand. Alanya Shined at the ITB Berlin Tourism Fair, continuing its reputation as one of the top tourist destinations in...

retiring in Alanya

Retiring in Alanya

Retiring in Alanya: Spend Your Golden Years in This Oasis Have you ever imagined waking up to a gentle Mediterranean breeze and stepping out onto a balcony overlooking a sparkling turquoise sea? Can you picture strolling through vibrant bazaars filled with colourful spices and hand-woven crafts? Imagine spending your afternoons relaxing on pristine beaches or exploring ancient ruins steeped in rich...

Turkish Coastal Living

Turkish Coastal Living

Turkish Coastal Living (Alanya & Antalya) Dreaming of waking up to breathtaking sea views, crystal-clear waters lapping at the shore, and sunshine warming your skin year-round? Look no further than the stunning Turkish coast! Here, nestled amidst ancient history and captivating beauty, Alanya and Antalya offer unparalleled Turkish coastal living unlike any other. The Turkish coastline boasts a...

Turkey's Tourism Surge

Turkey’s Tourism Surge

Turkey's Tourism Surge: Exploring the Allure of Istanbul and Antalya Turkey is a popular destination for tourists due to its beautiful landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. Recently, Istanbul and Antalya have gained worldwide attention, resulting in Turkey's Tourism Surge. Turkish Cities in the Spotlight As per the UN World Tourism Organization, international travel has been progressively...

New Price Display Regulations

New Price Display Regulations

New Price Display Regulations Bring Changes to Dining Across Turkey As of January 1, 2024, New Price Display Regulations have come into effect across Turkey, requiring restaurants, cafes, and bakeries to prominently display price lists at their entrances and tables. Initiated by the Trade Ministry in response to mounting complaints about undisclosed charges on bills, this regulation aims to safeguard...

Turkey's Therapeutic Hot Springs

Turkey’s Therapeutic Hot Springs

Discovering Tranquility: Exploring Turkey's Therapeutic Hot Springs Immersed in history and blessed with a stunning coastline, Turkey stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of civilizations and a fusion of diverse cultures. Beyond its delectable cuisine and breathtaking landscapes, Turkey offers a unique retreat for those seeking tranquility –  Turkey's Therapeutic Hot Springs. A journey...

Istanbul Airport was Awarded 'World’s Best Airport'

Istanbul Airport was Awarded ‘World’s Best Airport’

Istanbul Airport was Awarded 'World’s Best Airport' in 2023 In a spectacular triumph, Istanbul Airport clinched five prestigious awards in the 2023 Global Traveler Tested Reader’s Survey Awards by Global Traveler, earning the title of 'World’s Best Airport.' This impressive haul includes the coveted titles of "World’s Best Airport" and "Europe's Best Airport," solidifying its position as a global...

Alanya Atatürk House Museum

Alanya Atatürk House Museum

Exploring History: Antalya Alanya Atatürk House Museum Embark on a captivating journey through time as you step into the Antalya Alanya Atatürk House Museum. This residence stands as a testament to a significant historical moment—the stay of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk during his visit to Alanya on February 18, 1935. Originally fashioned as a residence by timber merchant M. Tevfik Azakoğlu in the...

Turkey's UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Turkey’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Turkey's UNESCO World Heritage Sites Turkey, a country that straddles the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is a treasure trove of cultural, historical, and natural wonders. Its diverse landscapes and millennia-old history have resulted in a myriad of Turkey's UNESCO World Heritage Sites that captivate travelers from around the globe. As of 2023, there are twenty-one World Heritage Sites in Turkey, including...

2023'te Türkiye için Rekor Turizm

Record Tourism for Turkey in 2023

Record Tourism for Turkey in 2023 According to a senior official on Saturday, Turkey is anticipated to end the year with record tourism receipts and visitor numbers. This underscores the significance of Antalya, the Mediterranean hub, in terms of both cultural and tourism-related factors in respect to record tourism for Turkey in 2023. "Turkey has been setting records, particularly since last year. It...

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