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Top Sights to visit in Alanya

Alanya Shined at the ITB Berlin Tourism Fair

Alanya Shined at the ITB Berlin Tourism Fair

Alanya Shined at the ITB Berlin Tourism Fair Alanya, known as Turkey's tourism capital, made a grand appearance at this year's ITB Berlin Tourism Fair from March 5th to 7th. The city showcased itself on the international stage with a meticulously designed 80-square-meter stand. Alanya Shined at the ITB Berlin Tourism Fair, continuing its reputation as one of the top tourist destinations in...

Turkey's Commitment to Forest Conservation

Turkey’s Commitment to Forest Conservation

Embracing Green Triumphs: Turkey's Commitment to Forest Conservation In the relentless battle against climate change and the looming threats of global warming, Turkey has emerged as a beacon of hope in its relentless efforts to combat drought. Turkey's Commitment to Forest Conservation has recently achieved a significant milestone by reaching global standards for forest assets, showcasing its unwavering...

Alanya Atatürk House Museum

Alanya Atatürk House Museum

Exploring History: Antalya Alanya Atatürk House Museum Embark on a captivating journey through time as you step into the Antalya Alanya Atatürk House Museum. This residence stands as a testament to a significant historical moment—the stay of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk during his visit to Alanya on February 18, 1935. Originally fashioned as a residence by timber merchant M. Tevfik Azakoğlu in the...

Turkey's UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Turkey’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Turkey's UNESCO World Heritage Sites Turkey, a country that straddles the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is a treasure trove of cultural, historical, and natural wonders. Its diverse landscapes and millennia-old history have resulted in a myriad of Turkey's UNESCO World Heritage Sites that captivate travelers from around the globe. As of 2023, there are twenty-one World Heritage Sites in Turkey, including...

2023'te Türkiye için Rekor Turizm

Record Tourism for Turkey in 2023

Record Tourism for Turkey in 2023 According to a senior official on Saturday, Turkey is anticipated to end the year with record tourism receipts and visitor numbers. This underscores the significance of Antalya, the Mediterranean hub, in terms of both cultural and tourism-related factors in respect to record tourism for Turkey in 2023. "Turkey has been setting records, particularly since last year. It...

Türkiye'deki Mimarlık Harikaları

Architectural Marvels in Turkey

Architectural Marvels in Turkey: A Journey Through Turkey's Diverse Building Styles Turkey, with its unique geographical position bridging two continents, holds a distinct place in the world. Architectural Marvels in Turkey are a testament to a rich history spanning centuries and reflect the dynamic evolution of Turkish society. This blog post takes you on a captivating journey through the architectural...

Kışın Alanya'da Ne Yapılır?

Exploring Winter Wonders in Alanya

Exploring Winter Wonders in Alanya: A Hidden Gem Beyond the Summer Sun Alanya, renowned for its sun-soaked beaches and lively summer vibes, undergoes a magical transformation in the winter. As the crowds dissipate, the city reveals a different kind of allure, offering unique experiences that make it an ideal winter destination. Here's your comprehensive guide to exploring winter...

Sapadere Kanyonu

Sapadere Canyon

Sapadere Canyon, the Hidden Paradise of Alanya In Turkey, unique canyons formed with the help of nature over millions of years are scattered across the atlas of time. Sapadere Canyon is one of these beauties. Let's explore this natural wonder together. Where is Sapadere Canyon, and How Do I Get There? Sapadere Canyon is a karstic formation located in the village of Sapadere in the Alanya...

Foreigners Bringing Cars into Turkey

Foreigners Bringing Cars into Turkey

Navigating the Road: Current Laws and Regulations for Foreigners Bringing Cars into Turkey Turkey, a country known for its stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, is an attractive destination for travelers from all over the world. If you plan to explore this beautiful country in your own vehicle, it's essential to be aware of the laws and regulations governing foreigners...

Alanya-Türkiye'yi Keşfetmek

Exploring Alanya-Turkey

Exploring Alanya-Turkey: Top 10 Activities for an Unforgettable Adventure Alanya, a stunning coastal gem on the Mediterranean, is a Turkish delight waiting to be explored. With its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and a wealth of activities, it's the perfect destination for travelers seeking a mix of culture, relaxation, and adventure. Here, we present the top 10 activities to Exploring Alanya-Turkey...

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