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Expats living in Turkey

Expats Living in Turkey

Information and support groups for Expats living in Turkey Are you an expatriate living in Turkey and looking for information or support groups? Whether you need news portals, helplines, expat blogs or Facebook communities, there are numerous resources available to cater to your diverse needs related to life in Turkey or the Anatolian region. Turkey is a popular destination for people from all over the...



OBTAINING A DRIVER'S LICENCE IN TURKEY FOR FOREIGNERS Are you a visitor exploring the captivating landscapes of Turkey from behind the wheel? Before embarking on your Turkish road trip, let's delve into crucial details regarding driver's licence in Turkey for non-residents. As a foreigner, you are allowed to drive with your foreign licence in Turkey for six months. However, it's essential to be aware...

Residence Permit Requirements in Turkey

Residence Permit Requirements in Turkey

Residence Permit Requirements in Turkey for Property Owners in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide Turkey, with its rich culture and beautiful landscapes, has become a desirable destination for property ownership. If you're a property owner seeking a residence permit, navigating through the regulations is crucial. In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of residence permit requirements in Turkey for...

Inheritance Rights in Turkey

Inheritance Rights in Turkey

Inheritance Rights in Turkey: Conducting an E-Government Inheritance Inquiry in Turkey Inheritance rights in Turkey remain a complex subject among citizens. Individuals may find themselves inheriting without prior knowledge of such matters. Here are the details on inheritance. Citizens eager to understand their inheritance rights through an inquiry may wonder how to learn about them. In Turkey, the...

Turkey's Investment Office

Turkey’s Investment Office

Turkey's Investment Office: Paving the Way for Global Business Ventures The Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey stands as the official entity dedicated to showcasing Turkey's investment potential to the global business community. Operating under the direct purview of the President, Turkey's Investment Office plays a pivotal role in promoting and supporting investments that...

e-Contract Rental Agreements

e-Contract Rental Agreements through e-Government

Streamlining e-Contract Rental Agreements through e-Government In an era dominated by digital advancements, the way we handle various aspects of our lives is continuously evolving. The realm of rental agreements is no exception. With the emergence of e-Government services, the process of creating e-Contract Rental Agreements through e-Government has taken a significant leap into the digital landscape,...

Mega Projects for Antalya and Ankara

Mega Projects for Antalya and Ankara

Mega Projects for Antalya and Ankara Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Abdulkadir Uraloğlu announced that the tenders for the two Mega Projects for Antalya and Ankara (Ankara-Kırıkkale-Delice Highway and the Antalya-Alanya Highway) have been conducted under the Build-Operate-Transfer Model. In his statement, Minister Uraloğlu stated, "We have completed the tenders for the...

Antalya's First Regional Hospital

Antalya’s First Regional Hospital

Antalya's First Regional Hospital (Şehir Hastanesi): A Milestone in Earthquake Resilience Anticipation is building as Antalya, a vibrant Turkish city, gears up for the inauguration of its first and only city hospital. What sets Antalya's First Regional Hospital apart is not only its state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technology but also its groundbreaking approach to seismic...

Residence Permit Increases

Residence Permit Increases in Turkey

Turkey Implements Residence Permit Increases: Minimum Real Estate Investment Raised to $200,000 In a recent development, the Turkish government has implemented significant adjustments to the criteria governing the acquisition of a residence permit through real estate transactions within the country. These revisions particularly impact short-term residence permit increases in Turkey and are applicable to...

Turkish Online Government Services-Part 3

Turkish Online Government Services-Part 3

A Guide to Turkish Online Government Services-Part 3: For Turkish Citizens and Foreigners Living in Turkey Transportation Services Legal Services Business and Trade Services Emergencies and Crisis Management In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the multitude of Turkish Online Government Services-Part 3, that cater to both Turkish citizens and foreigners residing in...

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