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New Legislation

2024 rental income tax

2024 Rental Income Tax

Decoding the 2024 Rental Income Tax for Property Owners in Turkey With the looming tax season, property owners in Turkey are buzzing with anticipation, especially those who earned more than 21 thousand TL in rental income last year. As the declaration period kicks off, numerous questions arise regarding the specifics of the 2024 rental income tax. In this blog post, we'll delve into the essential details...

New Penalties for Apartment Residents

New Penalties for Apartment Residents

Know Your Noise Levels: New Penalties for Apartment Residents in 2024! Attention, fellow apartment dwellers! Are you tired of dealing with noisy neighbours who disturb your peace and tranquility? Well, the Condominium Law has something to say about it, and there are significant new penalties for apartment residents who fail to adhere to the regulations. Let's delve into the details of the penalties for...

New Tax Regulations for Turkish Rental Properties

New Tax Regulations for Turkish Rental Properties

Navigating New Tax Regulations for Turkish Rental Properties Welcome to the evolving world of real estate in Turkey! A recent announcement by the Revenue Administration has sparked excitement and intrigue among homeowners, reshaping the new tax regulations for Turkish rental properties in 2024. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of this transformative change and explore its implications for...

New Price Display Regulations

New Price Display Regulations

New Price Display Regulations Bring Changes to Dining Across Turkey As of January 1, 2024, New Price Display Regulations have come into effect across Turkey, requiring restaurants, cafes, and bakeries to prominently display price lists at their entrances and tables. Initiated by the Trade Ministry in response to mounting complaints about undisclosed charges on bills, this regulation aims to safeguard...

New Short-Term Rental Law

New Short-Term Rental Law Effective January 1st!

New Short-Term Rental Law Effective January 1st! Turkey, approved by the Turkish Parliament, will implement a groundbreaking short-term rental law on January 1, 2024, reshaping how it manages short-term accommodations and introducing regulations to streamline the process. Approaching the new year, the short-term rental law is set to take effect, marking a significant milestone in Turkish tourism...

Residence Permit Increases

Residence Permit Increases in Turkey

Turkey Implements Residence Permit Increases: Minimum Real Estate Investment Raised to $200,000 In a recent development, the Turkish government has implemented significant adjustments to the criteria governing the acquisition of a residence permit through real estate transactions within the country. These revisions particularly impact short-term residence permit increases in Turkey and are applicable to...

New Law

New Law-Tourism & Rental

New Law-Transforms the Tourism Rental Landscape in Antalya and Alanya In recent news, Antalya and Alanya are witnessing a significant change in the real estate and tourism sectors, thanks to a newly enacted law that regulates the rental of housing for tourism purposes. The impact of this law has garnered attention from industry representatives and is set to transform the way properties are rented for...

Siteler'de Evcil Hayvan Beslemek

Keeping Household Pets in Residential Complexes

Understanding the Turkish Condominium Law: Rules and Regulations for Keeping Household Pets in Residential Complexes In the vibrant and culturally rich land of Turkey, where traditions blend seamlessly with modernity, one aspect of life that has gained prominence is the love and care for our furry companions. The relationship between humans and their pets transcends boundaries, making them an integral...

Yeni Zorunlu Deprem Sigortası ZAS

New Compulsory Earthquake Insurance ZAS

Understanding Turkey's New Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (ZAS) "Compulsory Earthquake Insurance" ZAS is a type of insurance in Turkey that covers damages to buildings caused by earthquakes. The purpose of this insurance is to provide financial protection to property owners against the effects of earthquakes. ZAS was introduced as a replacement for the "Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool" (DASK),...

Noterler-Yeni Taşınmaz Satış Kanunu

Notaries – New Property Sales Law

Real estate notary sales are now possible in Turkey. According to new legislation, Turkish notaries may now handle real estate transactions in addition to working with land registry offices. An important part of the Turkish economy is the real estate industry. It accounts for around three million of the 15 million transactions that Turkey's land register offices handle annually. Yet, the increased...

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