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Best Real Estate Investment Locations

Best Real Estate Investment Locations

2024's Prime 4 Best Real Estate Investment Locations In the dynamic landscape of the 2024 Turkish real estate market, investors have spotlighted four cities for their burgeoning property investments Istanbul, Izmir, Muğla, and Alanya are witnessing increased attention from both local and international investors. The rise in housing prices, particularly in touristic areas like Alanya, one of the best real...

Turkish Cities Leading Global Rankings

Turkish Cities Leading Global Rankings

Turkish Cities Leading Global Rankings: Surprising Property Value Surges In the dynamic landscape of global real estate, certain cities have been witnessing unprecedented increases in property values. Despite the challenges posed by rising interest rates in 2023, the allure of real estate investment remains strong in popular cities worldwide. Notably, Turkey has emerged as a standout performer, with two...

Lucrative Investment for Foreign Businesses

Lucrative Investment for Foreign Businesses

Lucrative Investment for Foreign Businesses, A Haven for Foreign Investments Antalya, renowned as one of Turkey's prime holiday destinations, has evolved beyond its allure for vacationers. It has emerged as a hub for lucrative investment for foreign businesses, with a notable surge in foreign-owned businesses, especially following the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Let's delve into the details of this economic...

Foreign Investors Preferred Antalya

Foreign Investors Preferred Antalya

Foreign Investors Preferred Antalya In Turkey, housing sales to foreigners amounted to 30,599 between January and October, with Antalya leading the way with 11,303 units sold. The sales to foreign investors experienced a 52.9% decrease in October compared to the same month the previous year, totaling 2,535 units. In October, foreign investors preferred Antalya and Alanya within the...

Türkiye'deki Konut Satış istatistikleri

Home Sales Statistics in Turkey

In January 2023, 97 thousand 708 properties were sold in Turkey  When compared to the same month the year before, the number of properties sold in Turkey climbed by 10.6% in January, reaching 97,708. 17.8% of all properties sold in Turkey came from the 17,415 real estate sales in Istanbul. Both Ankara and Antalya saw total home sales of 8,808 and 5,572, respectively, making them the second and third most...

Gayrimenkul Piyasa Araştırması

Real Estate Market Research

Real estate market research is the process of gathering, analysing, and interpreting data related to the buying and selling of properties. This research is essential for anyone looking to invest in real estate, whether it be for personal or business purposes. By conducting market research, Ideal Estates makes informed decisions about where and when to buy or sell property, and at what price. Understanding...

Doğrudan Yabancı Yatırım

Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment in Turkish Real Estate Sector In 2011, the total amount of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Turkey's real estate sector was recorded at $200 million, the highest in the past eight quarters. According to "Real Estate Sector in Turkey and the World Second Quarter 2011", foreign investment in the real estate sector had doubled compared to the first half of the same year, reaching...

Genel Müdür Pazar Analizi 2010

Managing Directors Market Insight 2010

Turkey offers Real Estate Investment Prospects with New Projects The Managing Director of Ideal Estates Abdurrahman Kaya stated that the Turkish real estate market has experienced rapid expansion over the past several years and has become a permanent fixture on the global real estate landscape, possibly at the expense of other, more traditional locations like Spain. In this article, we will discuss the...

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