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Inheritance Rights in Turkey

Inheritance Rights in Turkey

Last Updated on January 9, 2024 by Ideal Editor

Inheritance Rights in Turkey: Conducting an E-Government Inheritance Inquiry in Turkey

Inheritance rights in Turkey remain a complex subject among citizens. Individuals may find themselves inheriting without prior knowledge of such matters. Here are the details on inheritance.

Citizens eager to understand their inheritance rights through an inquiry may wonder how to learn about them. In Turkey, the state guarantees property rights, intricately weaving inheritance issues into the fabric of these rights.

No one can take another person’s property without their consent. In the context of inheritance, property can only change hands through inheritance or a will. In such cases, it becomes crucial for heirs to be informed about the matter.

What Happens When Inheritance Comes from Distant Relatives?

Citizens may unexpectedly find themselves inheriting situations they never anticipated. This complex process can lead to confusion. In some instances, inheritance may come from distant relatives, and individuals may remain unaware of it. Failing to discover this information can deprive individuals of their rightful inheritance. In extreme cases, procedures may be initiated to declare heirs missing, allowing other heirs to claim the assets. Fortunately, there is a simple way to prevent these complications.

How to Conduct an Inheritance Inquiry?

In Turkey, government agencies provide citizens with almost all services digitally. Inheritance inquiry is one such service available in these recorded services. Additionally, inquiries can be made through various channels. Performing this inquiry is straightforward.

Citizens conducting an inheritance inquiry through these platforms can access the e-government system using their ID numbers and personal passwords. Subsequently, in the service search section, they should type “Inheritance Certificate Inquiry.” Two separate services will appear, provided by the Turkey Notaries Union and the Ministry of Justice, allowing individuals to inquire about their inheritance.

If someone bequeaths a property to an individual through a will, the Ministry of Justice’s system also allows for easy access to this information.

Does a Will Affect the Process?

In the process of dividing inheritance among parties, the first consideration is whether the deceased had a valid will. If a valid will is in place, the distribution of assets may not be equal among heirs. On the other hand, a parent may choose to allocate a significant portion of their property to one of their children.

Understanding inheritance rights and conducting an inquiry becomes pivotal, especially when dealing with unexpected inheritances or potential disparities due to the presence of a will.

Stay informed and secure your rightful inheritance by utilizing the digital platforms offered by Turkish government agencies.

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