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Reasons to Make Turkey Your Home

Reasons to Make Turkey Your Home

Last Updated on November 23, 2023 by Ideal Editor

Reasons to Make Turkey Your Home

Let’s explore why Turkey is a sought-after destination for ex-pats and digital nomads. These are the reasons to make Turkey your home:

  1. Turkish Citizenship Simplification: The process of acquiring Turkish citizenship has been streamlined, allowing for eligibility by purchasing property worth a minimum of USD 400,000.
  2. Perfect Climate: Turkey boasts a diverse climate, lush greenery, and magnificent forests. Whether you prefer the long, hot summers of the southern regions or the cooler climates in other areas, the construction of houses with natural materials ensures comfort in all seasons.
  3. Historical Riches: Turkey is a treasure trove of historical sites, offering a journey through various cultures and civilizations. Must-visit historic structures abound, providing a rich cultural experience.
  4. Culinary Delights: The multicultural nature of Turkey has contributed to a diverse and delicious cuisine. Fresh, inexpensive, colorful, and nutritious, Turkish food appeals to all palates.
  5. Affordable Living: Despite globalization and development, the cost of living in Turkey remains remarkably affordable. Real estate investments are accessible on any budget with the right consultation.
  6. Outdoor Activities: The perfect climate in Turkey allows for a wide range of year-round outdoor activities, including skiing, rock climbing, golfing, historical site tours, safaris, rafting, hiking, swimming, island tours, diving, mountain biking, and paragliding.
  7. Healthcare Services: Turkey boasts highly developed healthcare services, offering quality care at affordable rates.
  8. Important Projects: The country is undergoing significant development, attracting foreign investors with a rising economy and promising opportunities.

Best Cities in Turkey

Istanbul: The Cosmopolitan Hub

Istanbul, a vibrant metropolis bridging the East and West, stands out as a top choice. With world-class shopping, historic landmarks, renowned nightlife, and a diverse atmosphere, Istanbul caters to a broad range of preferences. Expats often settle in Central Istanbul, where neighborhoods like Beyoglu, Sisli, and Ortakoy blend Western and Eastern influences seamlessly.

Antalya/Alanya: Beautiful Coastline Retreat

Antalya/Alanya, the largest city on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, offers a perfect blend of summer fun and traditional culture. Known for its beautiful coastline, fishing villages, and countryside walks, Alanya is an ideal destination for a laid-back lifestyle. Avsallar and Mahmutlar, popular among ex-pats, provide a mix of Western and Eastern influences.

Bodrum: Luxury Living by the Aegean Sea

For those seeking high standards of living, Bodrum is a haven. This district in Mugla boasts marinas, stunning views, and the Aegean Sea. A favorite among celebrities, Bodrum offers modern houses, cultural attractions, and an annual music festival. Whether you are working, raising a family, or enjoying retirement, Bodrum has all the necessary amenities.

Izmir: Retirement Oasis by the Aegean Sea

Izmir, located on the Aegean Sea, is an ideal choice for those contemplating a post-retirement life in Turkey. The city and its surrounding towns, such as Cesme and Kusadasi, provide a comfortable lifestyle with plenty of watersports, sailing opportunities, and a moderate climate. Known for its outstanding industrial and commercial locations, Izmir offers excellent value for money.

Bursa: UNESCO World Heritage Hub

Bursa, a UNESCO world heritage hub, is celebrated for its preservation of parks, forests, and family-friendly areas. Known as Green Bursa, this city in the Marmara Region seamlessly integrates modern living culture with traditional neighborhoods. With a focus on crime prevention, Bursa offers a secure environment, health centers, affordable living, and a rich heritage with Ottoman-era mosques and historical sites. Skiing, ferry tours, cable cars, and mountain climbing add to the city’s allure.

Choosing the best city in Turkey involves considering personal preferences, lifestyle, and priorities. Whether drawn to the bustling metropolis of Istanbul, the tranquil coastline of Antalya, the luxury of living in Bodrum, the retirement oasis in Izmir, or the UNESCO heritage charm of Bursa, Turkey welcomes you with open arms and diverse opportunities.

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