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Independent Parcels of Property

Independent Parcels of Property

Last Updated on February 8, 2024 by Ideal Editor

What is an independent parcel of property or a detached parcel of property?

“Independent parcels of property play a significant role in real estate and land ownership. Important details about what an independent parcel is and whether a house can be built on this land are topics that need to be known and covered in our news.”

Real estate terms are concepts encountered frequently in property transactions. Terms such as island (ada), map sheet (pafta), and parcel (parsel) are commonly used in the title deed. The cadastre procedures are often confused. Specifically honing in on the independent parcel concept, the provided information delves into the meanings of terms like island, map sheet, and parcel.

“WHAT IS A ‘PAFTA’? What is an ‘ADA’ in an Independent Parcels of Property Document?

Island (Ada) is a term frequently encountered in property deeds and cadastral procedures. The entirety of the parcels encircled by particular roads is what this term refers to. Elements that define the island include natural and artificial barriers such as rivers, streets, roads, railways, squares, and more. Islands, commonly used in urban planning, facilitate the determination of property deed information.

According to a news article on, ‘Pafta,’ on the other hand, refers to maps drawn by measuring and reducing the size of lands according to technical procedures. Within the map, detailed information about the plot, its purpose of use, area, title deed record, and other data are included. These maps enable the visual presentation of detailed information about the land.


Parcel is a term that denotes a piece of land. Described as a separate and demarcated area, parcels can belong to an individual, an organization, or the public. As a result, the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre’s TAKBIS system provides access to detailed information about parcels.


The term ‘independent’ translates to “bağımsız” in Turkish. An independent parcel is a stand-alone piece of land that belongs to one person. This could pertain to various owner profiles, ranging from individual citizens to companies and public institutions.

The term ‘independent parcel’ signifies that a title deed is registered in the name of only one person. When a piece of land is indicated as independent, it implies that the title deed is solely owned by one individual, and transactions such as sale or transfer require the agreement of only two parties. On the title deed, this is typically represented as a 1/1 ratio, indicating full ownership.


To construct a house on an independent parcel, the land designated for construction must be suitable for residential development. If the zoning regulations permit residential construction, it is possible to build a house on an independent parcel. However, the construction must typically adhere to a specified percentage of the total land area.

Conversely, when aiming to establish an independent parcel, the initial step involves allocating a specific portion of an existing piece of land. Local governance and planning authorities typically oversee and regulate this division process. Independent parcels are commonly designated for specific purposes, including construction or agriculture. Parcel owners enjoy the flexibility to pursue various activities within their designated area, such as constructing structures or engaging in agricultural practices. However, it is crucial to emphasise that the intended land use can vary depending on the specific parcel and local regulations.

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