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New Law-Tourism & Rental

New Law

Last Updated on November 6, 2023 by Ideal Editor

New Law-Transforms the Tourism Rental Landscape in Antalya and Alanya

In recent news, Antalya and Alanya are witnessing a significant change in the real estate and tourism sectors, thanks to a newly enacted law that regulates the rental of housing for tourism purposes. The impact of this law has garnered attention from industry representatives and is set to transform the way properties are rented for tourists in these beautiful Turkish destinations.

The New Regulation:

The new law, which was published in the Official Gazette and came into effect recently, introduces a requirement that was eagerly awaited by both the Alanya Emlak Komisyoncuları Derneği (Alanya Real Estate Agents Association) and the Kleopatra Otelciler Birliği (Kleopatra Hoteliers Association). Before entering into a rental agreement for housing intended for tourism rentals, property owners are now obligated to obtain a permit from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Positive Reactions:

The real estate and tourism sector representatives are delighted with this new development, which they believe will bring about several positive changes. One of the key advantages of this regulation is that it will help eliminate unfair practices, such as individuals gaining undue profits through tourism rentals without proper taxation.

Kerim Balıktay, President of the Alanya Real Estate Agents Association, highlighted the importance of this regulation, saying, “This is something we have been waiting for and wanting. At the same time, those engaging in illegal activities have been weeded out. Those who gain unfair profits will be subject to taxation. We are very pleased that the law has been enacted. However, it should not stop here; more regulations should be made.”

Servet Şakiroğlu, President of the Kleopatra Hoteliers Association, emphasized the fairness of this law, stating, “This will be beneficial for both tourism professionals and the government. This is what we wanted. It was for everyone to take the same stage under equal conditions, and it has happened. However, there is one disadvantage here. Those who want to engage in this business need the approval of the majority of the people in the building. It would have been better if a majority of 51% sufficed.”

The implementation of this new law is set to usher in a more regulated and transparent era in the tourism rental market in Antalya and Alanya. It aims to level the playing field, ensuring fair practices for both property owners and tourists. As we move forward, we can anticipate further developments in the real estate and tourism sectors in these regions, ultimately enhancing the experience for visitors and the local community alike.

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