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Sapadere Canyon

Sapadere Kanyonu

Last Updated on November 9, 2023 by Ideal Editor

Sapadere Canyon, the Hidden Paradise of Alanya

In Turkey, unique canyons formed with the help of nature over millions of years are scattered across the atlas of time. Sapadere Canyon is one of these beauties. Let’s explore this natural wonder together.

Where is Sapadere Canyon, and How Do I Get There?

Sapadere Canyon is a karstic formation located in the village of Sapadere in the Alanya district of Antalya province. It is situated 45 km away from the city center, and the journey by car takes around 1 hour. It is also 175 km away from Antalya Airport. The road to Sapadere Canyon offers breathtaking views, making you feel like you’re traveling to the heart of the Taurus Mountains.

Brief Information About the Region Sapadere Canyon was developed for tourism in 2008 through the efforts of the Alanya District Governorship, Sapadere Village Municipality, and the Alanya Forestry Directorate. Over the years, the canyon, shaped by flowing water, strong winds, and geological movements, has brought forth various natural formations.

Upon reaching the entrance of the 360-meter-long canyon, you’ll find a parking area in front of the facility where you can park your vehicle for free. There’s also a pond where you can swim in icy water, a facility to meet your dining needs, picnic areas under lush green trees, and places to buy souvenirs.

How to Explore Sapadere Canyon

If you’ve rested and recharged, let’s head towards the canyon, as magnificent nature awaits us amid the steep and high cliffs of the Taurus Mountains. It’s worth mentioning that there is an entrance fee to Sapadere Canyon. After walking on a dirt road for a while, we proceed along a wooden and steel walkway prepared to explore the inside of the canyon, filled with natural beauties that will do justice to our camera.

Beautiful trees and waterfalls of various sizes accompany you throughout the canyon. If you want to cool off, you can descend the stairs from the walkway to the natural pools formed in the canyon and immerse yourself in the icy water. Signs near the natural pools indicate the depth. The soothing sounds of water beckon you to peace, creating a symphony, and your soul relaxes with the tranquility provided by the blue surroundings. When you look up from the 400-meter-high canyon, its grandeur is dizzying.

As we approach the end of the canyon, get ready to be amazed by a magnificent waterfall, perfect for taking photos. Witness how the rocks beaten by the 7-8-meter-high waterfall have naturally transformed into pools over time. If you’ve come this far, I recommend not leaving without taking a dip in the pristine and icy water under the waterfall, though I should remind you that the water is quite cold.

If you’re hungry after a long journey, you can satisfy your appetite at the restaurants around the stream flowing down from the canyon, and if you wish, you can enjoy a nice freshwater trout. The facility also has a playground for children, and you can get a close look at the touch of silk on the silk-weaving loom in the establishment.

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