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Featured Property for Sale in Cikcilli

Featured Property for Sale in Cikcilli

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Aydoğan Aknar

Featured Property for Sale in Cikcilli, Alanya

If you’re in search of a spacious and luxurious apartment, look no further than this large 2-bedroom resale in Cikcilli, Alanya. This Featured Property for Sale in Cikcilli provides a host of amenities and facilities, promising a comfortable and enjoyable living experience just minutes away from the city center and with captivating views of the surrounding mountains.

Location and Accessibility

Situated strategically, the complex offers easy access to the city center while providing breathtaking views of the mountains. This prime location adds to the allure of the large 2-bedroom resale.

Apartment Features

Ideal for families or couples, the apartment boasts spacious rooms and balconies, allowing ample natural light to fill the living spaces. This emphasizes the commitment to providing a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle in Alanya.

Furnishing and Appliances

The large 2-bedroom resale comes fully furnished and equipped with modern appliances, ensuring a seamless move-in experience. This convenience sets the stage for a hassle-free transition.

Comfort through Air Conditioning

With air conditioning units in every room, the apartment guarantees a cool and comfortable atmosphere, even in the sweltering days of summer.

Amenities and Facilities Overview

The complex offers an array of luxurious amenities. There are outdoor and indoor swimming pools, a fitness center, a sauna, a Turkish bath, a café, and a children’s playground. It’s a comprehensive package for a quality lifestyle.

Security and Surveillance

Residents’ safety and privacy are paramount, with 24/7 security and surveillance ensuring a secure living environment.

Advantages for Families

Designed with families in mind, the apartment and complex provide family-friendly amenities and a welcoming environment for a wholesome living experience.

Real Estate Investment Potential

The large 2-bedroom resale presents itself as a lucrative real estate investment in the Alanya real estate market.

Lifestyle in Alanya

Living in Alanya offers not just a home but a lifestyle. Embrace the cultural, recreational, and entertainment facets that this vibrant city has to offer.

In summary, this large 2-bedroom resale in Cikcilli, Alanya, stands as a testament to luxurious living. From its prime location and family-friendly features to the investment potential and visual appeal, it offers a complete package for those seeking a quality lifestyle in Alanya.

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