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Turkey’s Commitment to Forest Conservation

Turkey's Commitment to Forest Conservation

Last Updated on January 5, 2024 by Ideal Editor

Embracing Green Triumphs: Turkey’s Commitment to Forest Conservation

In the relentless battle against climate change and the looming threats of global warming, Turkey has emerged as a beacon of hope in its relentless efforts to combat drought. Turkey’s Commitment to Forest Conservation has recently achieved a significant milestone by reaching global standards for forest assets, showcasing its unwavering commitment to addressing environmental challenges.

Hasan Türkyılmaz, the Chairperson of the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) Chamber of Forestry Engineers (OMO), in a candid conversation with Anadolu Agency (AA). Türkyılmaz illuminated Turkey’s pivotal role in confronting desertification and drought, outlining the country’s ambitious initiatives like the “Breath to the Future, Breath to the World,” and “Breath to the Republic” projects.

Turkey’s Exemplary Initiatives

The success of these initiatives positions Turkey as a global exemplar in fostering greenery, underscoring the nation’s commitment to creating sustainable environments. Türkyılmaz emphasized the tangible results of strategic efforts, highlighting a surge in green areas attributed to ongoing afforestation campaigns.

Global Recognition: UN Reports

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization reports spanning 2015 to 2020 reveal Turkey’s impressive standing, ranking 46th globally in increasing forest assets. This ascent to 27th place in 2018, driven by national afforestation campaigns, reflects the country’s dedication to proactive environmental management. Türkyılmaz drew attention to Turkey’s remarkable achievement of securing the first position in Europe and the sixth globally for augmenting forest assets.

Expanding Forest Areas: Two Decades of Progress

Over the past two decades, Turkey has seen a significant expansion of forest areas, reaching an impressive 29.98%, equivalent to a million hectares of lush terrain. Notably, the Alanya area in Antalya has been a focal point of these efforts, with local initiatives contributing to the broader national success. With forests covering 31% of the world’s landmass, Türkyılmaz unveiled Turkey’s ambitious target of achieving 30% forest assets by 2023. The country currently stands at 29.98%, tantalizingly close to the global benchmark.

Optimism and Future Goals

Türkyılmaz radiated optimism, expressing the collective goal of swiftly reaching the coveted 31%. Turkey’s commendable strides in forest preservation not only underscore its commitment to combat climate change but also make substantial contributions to global environmental sustainability.

As we navigate the challenges posed by climate change, Turkey, with a special nod to the Alanya area, stands as a shining example of proactive environmental stewardship. The journey towards a greener future is not just a national achievement but a global inspiration. Let’s celebrate Turkey’s triumphs and remain hopeful for a future where nations unite in preserving our planet’s precious ecosystems.

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