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Title Deed Procedure Changes

Title Deed Changes

Last Updated on March 9, 2023 by Anna A.

Title Deed Procedure Changes for Foreigners

Previously, foreigners who wanted to purchase property in Turkey had to obtain approval from military units in order to get their Title Deed (Tapu). However, a law passed on October 8, 2013, eliminated the need for approval for other apartments in the same building or parcel once one had been approved. Properties located on unapproved parcels, however, still require military permission. The approval process, which takes six weeks, involves an evaluation of the property’s location and proximity to military and national security zones. Title Deed procedure changes now make this process much quicker. There is no difference between Turkish citizens and foreign persons concerning the purchase process for land registry and cadastre procedures. Presently, citizens from 184 countries may acquire real estate in Turkey.

New Changes

In December 2017, the Military permission process was streamlined through the issuance of a circular. The Turkish General Staff, the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, the General Directorate for Land Registry and Cadastre, and the Department of Foreign Affairs signed a protocol to simplify the foreign sales process. The circular determined all military restricted and national security zones in Turkey, which were then recorded in the land registry plans to clearly identify areas that were either allowed or prohibited for purchase. This means that foreign buyers can now obtain their Title Deed faster from the Tapu Cadastre Office, reducing the waiting time from 1-2 months to just a few days, as approval for each transaction is now recorded in the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

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