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New Price Display Regulations

New Price Display Regulations

Last Updated on January 5, 2024 by Ideal Editor

New Price Display Regulations Bring Changes to Dining Across Turkey

As of January 1, 2024, New Price Display Regulations have come into effect across Turkey, requiring restaurants, cafes, and bakeries to prominently display price lists at their entrances and tables. Initiated by the Trade Ministry in response to mounting complaints about undisclosed charges on bills, this regulation aims to safeguard consumer rights and promote transparent pricing practices.

Responses in Alanya, Antalya

In the bustling district of Alanya, Antalya, diverse responses have emerged from local dining establishments regarding compliance with the directive. Some businesses proudly exhibit their menus at entrance doors, emphasizing their commitment to transparency and adherence to the regulation. On the other hand, some fell short, lacking visible price information, prompting inquiries into their compliance status.

Varied Compliance Ahead of New Year

Amid the New Year holiday, several businesses remained closed, while larger chains and renowned brands had already displayed menus for a month before the regulation’s official enforcement. Representatives from compliant establishments expressed contentment with the regulation, affirming their dedication to fostering fair and transparent pricing for patrons.

Incomplete Implementation

However, a notable number of restaurants, cafes, and buffets have yet to implement the new regulation. Some clarified that they were in the process of updating prices. Observing buffets, we noticed a variance in approaches, with some presenting menus directly to tables and others opting for outdoor displays.

Mixed Customer Opinions

Customer opinions regarding the regulation were mixed. Some expressed approval, stating, “We’re compelled to check the price list nowadays due to inconsistent pricing. Our choice of seating is now based on prices.” Conversely, some business owners reported a significant drop in sales on the new year’s first day, attributing this decline to customers’ increased price sensitivity. A restaurant owner voiced dissatisfaction, noting a drastic reduction in business activity, saying, “Our dining area should be bustling, but it’s empty.”

Impact and Adaptation

The regulation’s initial impact has revealed a spectrum of responses from businesses and customers alike, signaling a transitional phase in the local dining landscape. Establishments are adapting to the new standards of transparent pricing while navigating evolving consumer expectations.

In this changing landscape, the regulation serves as a catalyst for a more transparent and consumer-friendly dining experience.As businesses continue adjusting, it remains unclear how these changes will shape the long-term relationship between establishments and their patrons.


  1. What prompted the Trade Ministry to enforce the new price display regulation?
    • The regulation was initiated in response to mounting complaints concerning undisclosed charges on bills.
  2. How are businesses in Alanya, and Antalya, responding to the directive?
    • Responses vary, with some establishments proudly displaying menus to emphasize transparency, while others are yet to comply.
  3. Why did some businesses experience a drop in sales on the new year’s first day?
    • Some business owners attribute the decline to customers’ increased price sensitivity following the enforcement of the new regulation.
  4. How are buffets implementing the new regulation differently?
    • Buffets show variance in their approaches, with some presenting menus directly to tables, and others opting for outdoor displays.
  5. What is the overall impact of the regulation on the local dining landscape?
    • The regulation has triggered a spectrum of responses, signaling a transitional phase as establishments adapt to new standards.

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