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Turkish Exports Achieve October Record

Türkiye ihracatı Rekoruna Ulaştı

Last Updated on November 23, 2023 by Ideal Editor

Turkish Exports Soar to $22.9 Billion, Setting an October Record

In a testament to Turkey’s economic resilience and strength, October witnessed Turkish exports surge to reach an unprecedented $22.9 billion, a remarkable 7.4% increase compared to the same period last year. Trade Minister Ömer Bolat shared this triumph, emphasizing the nation’s steadfast growth amidst challenges.

Turkey’s Triumph Despite Adversities

A Record-Breaking October

October marked a significant milestone, with exports hitting an all-time high. Minister Bolat proudly announced the impressive 7.4% YoY growth, solidifying Turkey’s position as an economic powerhouse.

Consistent Growth Amidst Challenges

Despite adversities, Turkey’s exports have demonstrated consistent growth, building on the strong performances in July, August, and September. Minister Bolat underscored the resilience of the Turkish economy in the face of challenges.

Ambitious Targets and Achievements in Turkish Exports

The government’s Ambitious Turkish Export Goals

Minister Bolat shed light on the government’s ambitious goals, aiming to reach $255 billion in exports by the end of the year, with even more staggering targets of $267 billion in 2024 and an astounding $302.2 billion in 2026.

Exceeding Expectations: January–October 2023

For the period of January-October 2023, Turkey’s exports exceeded expectations, reaching $210.1 billion, surpassing the previous year’s figure by 0.3%. Minister Bolat highlighted key sectors driving this growth.

Key Contributors to Exponential Growth

Performance Highlights

Bolat specifically pointed out outstanding performance in vital sectors such as motor vehicles, boilers and machinery, and electrical machinery and equipment, all showcasing significant increases, reflecting a surge in value-added exports.

Service Exports Stepping Up

Acknowledging the remarkable performance of service exports, Minister Bolat aimed to surpass the $100 billion mark this year, with a grand target of $200 billion by 2028, capturing 2% of global service exports as outlined in the 12th Development Plan.

Impressive Milestones and Achievements

12-Month Rolling Exports

As of October, Turkey’s 12-month rolling exports reached an impressive $254.8 billion, surpassing the previous record of $254.2 billion at the end of 2022. This accomplishment reinforces Turkey’s sustained economic growth.

Trade Deficit Reduction

While imports increased by 1.3% in October, the trade deficit witnessed a remarkable 15% reduction, totaling $6.7 billion. This positive shift contributed to an increased exports-to-imports coverage ratio, reaching 77.3% last month.

Positive Impacts of Strategic Measures

Contributions from Government Initiatives

Minister Bolat highlighted the positive impacts of measures implemented by the Treasury, Finance Ministry, and Trade Ministry, especially in slowing down energy imports. Notably, energy imports for the year aimed to stay below $70 billion.

Gold Imports Decline

In October, gold imports experienced a notable 36% year-on-year decrease, indicating successful measures in managing and controlling trade dynamics.

Sectoral Triumphs and Global Reach in Turkish Exports

Leading Sectors in Turkish Exports

Mustafa Gültepe, the head of the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly, highlighted the sectors dominating October exports, with the automotive sector leading at $3.087 billion, followed by the chemical industry, ready-to-wear, electronics, and the steel sector.

Top Export Destinations

Gültepe revealed the top export destinations, with Germany, Iraq, and the United States leading the pack. Notably, Turkey broke export records with seven countries, including Poland, Libya, Algeria, the TRNC, and Nigeria, showcasing its expanding global reach and competitiveness.

Turkey’s October export feat not only reflects economic resilience but also highlights the nation’s ability to set and surpass ambitious goals. As the country charts its course toward becoming a global trade powerhouse, these achievements pave the way for sustained growth and prosperity.

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