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The 5th Alanya Book Fair

The 5th Alanya Book Fair

Last Updated on December 19, 2023 by Ideal Editor

The 5th Alanya Book Fair

The 5th Alanya Book Fair, a captivating celebration organized by the Alanya Municipality, has been unfolding with grandeur and enthusiasm. Commencing on December 15th and extending its literary embrace until December 24th, the fair has become a vibrant meeting point for the people of Alanya. Overflowing with stands, discussions, and book signing events, each day brings a new wave of literary excitement.

Since its opening, the 5th Alanya Book Fair has drawn in crowds, showcasing an extensive array of stands and hosting engaging discussions. The event serves as a platform where the municipality unites citizens with field experts and offers a plethora of literary gems. From the very first day, on December 15th, the fair has attracted a diverse audience, making it a cultural hotspot for Alanya residents of all ages.

The fairgrounds have transformed into a haven for book lovers, with some of the country’s most significant publishing houses setting up stands. Visitors not only have the chance to explore thousands of books but also to engage with their favorite authors through discussion programs and signing events. What’s more, the fair offers free workshops, providing both entertainment and education for children and young adults.

Meeting Minds: Experts Engaging with Alanya Residents

The inaugural day of the 5th Alanya Book Fair witnessed Researcher Author Erol Çalı leading discussions on ‘The Capital of Sorrow: Jerusalem,’ while Television Presenter Pelin Çift explored ‘Building a Career in the Media and the Journey Beyond the Agenda.’ The second day featured an interactive reading event titled ‘We Are Looking for Giraffe Barbers,’ hosted by Children’s Book Author and Illustrator Cansu Erkan. Educator-Author Dilek Cesur, known for her substantial social media following, delved into ‘Patient Families Raise Compassionate Children.’ The response from citizens was overwhelming, with long queues forming for book signing events.

Sunday brought the culinary delights of Sheraton Kitchen Chef and Turkey Chefs Federation President Zeki Açıköz, who discussed ‘Kitchen Stories of World Leaders’ and presented his award-winning book ‘Politics Table.’ Later, the renowned Prof. Dr. Üstün Dökmen, famous for his television programs and books, graced the stage with a discussion on ‘Quality Living in Novels,’ receiving a standing ovation in a packed hall. Prof. Dr. Üstün Dökmen also connected with fans during the subsequent book signing event.

Anticipating More: The Fair Continues Until December 24

As the 5th Alanya Book Fair strides forward, the literary extravaganza promises more expert guests and captivating events until December 24th. Future highlights include discussions and signings with Actress Açelya Akkoyun, Poet-Author Serdar Tuncer, Family Consultant-Author Saliha Erdim, Educator-Author Gri Koç Gökhan Müftüoğlu, Clinical Psychologist-Author Beyhan Budak, Children’s Book Author Tülin Kozikoğlu, and Historian-Author Prof. Dr. Erhan Afyoncu. Don’t miss out on this literary journey that continues to captivate Alanya with its blend of knowledge, culture, and entertainment.

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