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Alanya Atatürk House Museum

Alanya Atatürk House Museum

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Exploring History: Antalya Alanya Atatürk House Museum

Embark on a captivating journey through time as you step into the Antalya Alanya Atatürk House Museum. This residence stands as a testament to a significant historical moment—the stay of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk during his visit to Alanya on February 18, 1935. Originally fashioned as a residence by timber merchant M. Tevfik Azakoğlu in the Şekerhane District, this house evolved into a symbol of cultural preservation after Rıfat Azakoğlu generously donated it to the Ministry of Culture. Subsequently, in 1987, the house underwent meticulous restoration.

Now known as the “Alanya Atatürk House,” this three-story traditional Alanya mansion stands proudly, showcasing the architectural elegance of a bygone era. Although the exact date of its construction remains a mystery, the house is attributed to the craftsmanship of Beyri Usta.

Journey through the house

As you enter through the two-winged iron door from the garden on the south side, you’ll be stepping into history. The ground floor, once a barn and warehouse with an earthen floor, sets the stage for the cultural journey that awaits. Five rooms and a trunk room on the first and second floors offer a glimpse into the past, providing a comfortable living space that considers the climatic nuances of Alanya. The front facade opens up to a mesmerizing view of the historical Alanya Castle, adding an extra layer of charm to the house.

Registered as an Immovable Cultural Property, the Alanya Atatürk House is a treasure trove of history. On the ground floor, you’ll find personal items worn by Atatürk, including his vest, and crested shirt, a tangible connection to the great leader. Meticulously arranging the lower and upper floors, the team creates a resemblance to a traditional Alanya house, showcasing exhibitions that delve into Alanya’s weddings, dinners, and children’s games. A cine-vision room on the lower floor lets you immerse yourself in Atatürk documentaries, adding a dynamic layer to your visit.

Venturing to the second floor, you’ll discover showcases adorned with ethnographic artifacts—from embroidery samples to clothing, jewelry, and weapons—that tell the tale of Alanya and its surroundings.

Entrance to the Alanya Atatürk House Museum is a journey through time, and it’s free of charge. Visiting hours may vary with the seasons, so be sure to reach out for detailed information. Embark on an enriching experience as you uncover the layers of history and cultural heritage within the walls of this unique museum. Step into the past and let the Alanya Atatürk House be your guide.

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