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Antalya Unveils the Largest Mediterranean Library

Antalya Unveils the Largest Mediterranean Library

Last Updated on December 13, 2023 by Ideal Editor

Antalya Unveils the Largest Mediterranean Library

The rich tapestry of Antalya, a tourism hotspot, now boasts the grandeur of the Mediterranean region’s largest library. In a ceremony led by Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Antalya unveils the largest Mediterranean Library as part of an ambitious project to establish 100 libraries, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic.

Project Commemoration and Minister’s Role

As part of the nationwide initiative, Minister Ersoy played a pivotal role in realizing this cultural milestone. The project not only signifies the celebration of a century of the Turkish Library but also demonstrates the government’s commitment to fostering knowledge and culture across the country.

Unveiling Antalya Library’s Grandeur

The Antalya Library stands as an architectural marvel, spanning an impressive 9,000 square meters and featuring a shelf length stretching over 10 kilometers. Designed by the Kepez Municipality, it offers a capacity to accommodate 2,500 visitors, making it a cultural epicenter within the Mediterranean region.

A Ceremony of Significance

The opening ceremony witnessed the presence of notable figures, including Antalya Governor Hulusi Şahin and Antalya Province Chairman Ali Çetin. Minister Ersoy emphasized the library’s importance in transforming Antalya into a modern hub for both tourism and culture.

Municipal Efforts and Financial Independence

A noteworthy aspect of Antalya Library’s construction is the Kepez Municipality’s commendable effort. Hakan Tütüncü, the mayor, took on the project without seeking financial support from the ministry. With 9,000 square meters of enclosed space, a book capacity of 1 million, a 350-person hall, an art gallery, and five themed libraries, Tütüncü expressed gratitude to his colleagues for creating this outstanding work fitting for the republic’s 100th year.

Antalya’s Cultural Transformation

The library symbolizes Antalya’s broader transformation into a modern cultural hub. These libraries adorn every corner of the country, emphasizing their role in enhancing cultural richness from districts to villages.

Nationwide Impact

The Antalya Library is a significant milestone in the Ministry’s ambitious goal of establishing 100 libraries. It represents a commitment to cultural development, offering spaces that transcend mere repositories of knowledge to become dynamic hubs for community engagement.

Libraries as Cultural Cornerstones

Governor Hulusi Şahin reflected on the evolving role of libraries. How they transformed from places where information was researched in thick books to social hubs that foster community interaction.

Unique Construction Aspects

Tütüncü’s decision to undertake the project independently showcases dedication and municipal pride. The Antalya Library, with its themed spaces, not only adds to the city’s cultural richness but also sets a precedent for future library construction.

The Antalya Library stands as a testament to Turkey’s commitment to cultural development and knowledge dissemination. It not only becomes a repository of books but also a dynamic space fostering cultural exchange.

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