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An Overview of Alanya Cuisine

An overview of Alanya cuisine

Last Updated on December 12, 2023 by Ideal Editor

An overview of Alanya cuisine

Alanya is a district of Antalya, one of the first cities that comes to mind when it comes to tourism. Alanya has a secret culinary culture and food diversity. Here is an overview of Alanya cuisine.

For example, although the answer you will get to the question “What to eat in Antalya?” is usually meatballs – piyaz, the answer you will get to this question in Alanya is the one you will hear about for the first time, such as Gülüklü Soup, Ülübü Piyazı, S Pasta, Ox Helvasi, and you will probably be wondering what to eat until you see it. There will be flavors that you will look forward to.

Or, instead of olive oil and light meals, which are the basis of the Mediterranean Nutrition type, dishes with butter, goat meat, and tomato paste prepared from various vegetables, you will understand that Alanya has a cuisine beyond expectations when you encounter rich and delicious dishes such as desserts made from walnuts, flour, and molasses, and shebits and stuffed flatbreads, which are indispensable for Yoruk culture, opened in senite and cooked on metal sheets.

Alanya Produce

Alanya, where many vegetables and fruits unique to Anatolia can be grown easily, has gone out of its way, and today it has also undertaken the task of being the tropical garden of Turkey. So much so that in addition to products such as banana and kiwi that we all know, fruits such as avocado, goji berry, and star fruit have taken their place on tables and in gardens. The people of Alanya have adopted their new fruits so much that the names of tropical fruits have become appropriate to the local accent. An Alanya resident who calls avocado Avgada is now old enough to understand that the district has already adopted its new fruits. Avocado Salad and Paste quickly gained acceptance in the city and soon became consumed even for breakfast.

Despite being open to innovations, the people of Alanya, who are passionately attached to their city and culture—and they are sensitive about this issue—act with a common consciousness to preserve their local tastes. Many Alanya residents say the names of their dishes by preserving the local accent, cooking local dishes on important occasions such as weddings and funerals, and preserving the delicacies that they will serve to their guests at home.

Culinary Heritage Alanya

Thinking that this awareness should extend beyond the city, Alanya Municipality started to carry out a project called Culinary Heritage Alanya to convey to all its guests that the city is much more than sea, sand, and sun.

The Municipality, which carries out many activities under the roof of the project to protect the culinary culture in the city, compiled 52 of the delicacies that local women know by heart but have not been prescribed and compiled them in the Alanya Local Flavors book. Studies are continuing to prescribe that dish, and these recipes, which are a part of our intangible heritage, bear traces of the lifestyles of the Yoruks in the Taurus Mountains and the villages of the past days.

Alanya: Just like many cities in our country, it has cuisine and delicious local products waiting to be discovered. Now, after this information, let’s take a brief look at some dishes and their properties. However, we request that you do not think that there is a spelling mistake when reading the names of some dishes, because the people of Alanya are very insistent that their dishes be known by their local names.

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