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Mediterranean Sports Capital of 2024

Alanya-2024 Akdeniz Spor Başkenti

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The Federation of European Sports Capitals and Cities (ACES Europe) has named Alanya the “Mediterranean Sports Capital of 2024.” Alanya Mayor Murat Yücel revealed this news.

Alanya was named the “Mediterranean Sports Capital of 2024” by the Federation of European Sports Capitals and Cities (ACES). Mayor Adem Murat Yücel of Alanya had a visit from ACES President Gian Francesco Lupattelli, who presented the plaque. “The culmination of our one-year efforts,” declared Mayor Yücel. Alanya is the capital of sports and athletes, as we have long claimed.

The Federation named Alanya the Mediterranean Sports Capital of 2024 as a consequence of the year-long efforts by the Municipality.

This wonderful news was brought to Alanya by ACES EUROPE President Gian Francesco Lupattelli. Delegation Member Fabrizio Santangelo. ACE EUROPE President commended the mayor for his efforts in the sports field and presented him with the official plaque.

Comments by the Mayor and ACES President

“We have always said for years that Alanya is the capital of sports,” remarked Mayor Adem Murat Yücel, expressing how important this distinction is to the city. We crowned these accomplishments today. Because of our serious initiatives over a year, our city of Alanya—which hosted over 100 sports organizations for 365 days—was chosen to be the Mediterranean Sports Capital of 2024. To tour our facilities and give our title, ACES President Mr. Gian Francesco Lupattelli, ACES Delegation Member Mr. Fabrizio Santangelo, and ACES Turkey Delegate Assoc. Prof. visited us. Parent Ozan Çakır and his delegation were hosted by Dr. “This pride belongs to Alanya, this pride belongs to all our citizens who show interest in sports activities in our city.” said.

Every year, Alanya, the home of over 100 national and international sports organizations. It was chosen by the European Federation of Sports Capitals and Cities (ACES Europe), which bestows honors such as World Capital, European Capital, Region, City, Island, Community, and Sports Town, to be the “Sports Capital of the Mediterranean” city for 2024.

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