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Tourism in Turkey

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Turkey is a unique and exemplary country in terms of its location, diversity and characteristics of tourism in Turkey, and cultural and artistic activities. Blending a deep cultural heritage of civilizations and a variety of geographical attractions, Turkey holds an important place in the international platform in terms of tourism.

Civilizations that have left their mark in the Anatolian region date back to 7500 BC. Seventeen cultural and natural heritage sites and items with World Heritage Status are in Turkey. UNESCO awards this status to natural formations, statues and archaeological sites of international significance and worthy of appreciation and protection.

Turkey is a distinguished country with regions where attributes of all seasons can always be experienced: its green forests, snowy mountains for skiing, unpolluted seas, beaches, thermal springs, hospitable people and one of the world’s most celebrated cuisines.

For further information, you can visit the website of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Summer Tourism in Turkey 

Surrounded by the Aegean, Mediterranean, Marmara and Black Seas, Turkey has touristic coasts and beaches. Summers are long and sunny on the Aegean and Mediterranean shores. Where the yearly average sunshine duration is quite long. The sea water temperature is above 20 degrees for 6 to 8 months of the year. In addition, a myriad of lakes, plateaus, forests, and young volcanic formations are attractive tourist locations. Particularly the coastal parts of the Mediterranean Region have high touristic potential. Antalya and Alanya are the most popular tourist destinations in Mediterranean Region.

Summers are long and sunny on the Mediterranean and Aegean shores

Winter Tourism in Turkey

Turkey also has excellent potential in terms of winter tourism. Ski resorts on high snow-covered mountains make Turkey an important destination for winter tourism. Many areas are suitable for winter tourism, from Marmara and Aegean Regions to East Anatolia Region. Respectively, Bursa-Uludağ, Kocaeli-Kartepe, Bolu-Köroğlu-Kartalkaya, Kastamonu-Ilgaz, Kayseri-Erciyes, Erzurum-Palandöken, Erzincan-Ergan, and Kars-Sarıkamış stand out as winter tourism centres.

With its ski resorts and high snow-covered mountains in summer and winter, Turkey is an important destination for winter tourism.

Health Tourism 

Turkey is an ideal country for medical and alternative health tourism thanks to its climate, seas, beaches, thermal springs, forests, plateaus, and convenient means of transportation. It has become a significant medical tourism destination with several innovations and medical developments, not to mention its affordability.

Entry into Turkey and Visa Procedures

You can enter or exit Turkey using passports or equivalent documents at border gates. A visa, visa exemption, residence permit or work permit document will allow you to enter and stay in Turkey.

You must have a passport or equivalent document valid for at least 150 (hundredfifty) days before the expiry date to be allowed to enter Turkey.

Visa procedures 

To travel to Turkey, you must obtain an e-visa specified for your country from or apply in person at one of our foreign missions. For information on the eligibility of countries, visit or

Citizens of certain countries may be exempt from visas in their travels to Turkey. Citizens of countries exempt from visas are not required to obtain a permit for entry and must stay according to normal visa conditions. It is sufficient to have a passport or an equivalent document for the citizens of countries that are exempt from visa requirements. For detailed information about the countries exempt from visas, visit

Furthermore, they can enter our country with their national identity documents within the scope of the bilateral agreements. You can visit for detailed information.

A standard visa will allow a stay for up to 90 (ninety) days within every 180 (one hundred and eighty) days.

You must apply for a residence permit to stay/live longer in Turkey

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