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Antalya’s famous restaurant is in the top 50 in the world

Antalya's famous restaurant is in the top 50 in the world

Last Updated on December 27, 2023 by Ideal Editor

Antalya’s famous restaurant is in the top 50 in the world. “7 Mehmet” Makes Waves on the Global Culinary Scene

Antalya, a city renowned for its picturesque landscapes, is making headlines not just for its scenic beauty but also for its gastronomic delights. In the recently released “World’s Most Iconic Food Destinations” list by Taste Atlas for 2023, Antalya proudly boasts six restaurants among the top globally. Taste Atlas, a reputable platform that curates lists of the world’s most iconic food destinations, annually unveils a compilation that sets the culinary world abuzz. In the 2023 edition, Antalya has secured its place with an impressive number of restaurants featured, including Antalya’s famous restaurant is in the top 50 in the world…..7 Mehmet

Top 3 Iconic Restaurants Worldwide

A. Figlmüller: A Century-Old Culinary Gem in Vienna

Claiming the top spot is Figlmüller in Vienna, Austria, a culinary gem dating back to 1905. Known for its timeless offerings, Figlmüller continues to captivate diners with its century-old recipes.

B. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele: Naples’ Culinary Heritage

Naples, Italy, holds the second position with L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, founded in 1870. This iconic pizzeria has stood the test of time, preserving Naples’ rich culinary heritage.

C. Hofbräuhaus München: Munich’s Historic Brewery

The third spot is claimed by Hofbräuhaus München, a historic brewery in Munich since 1589. Renowned for its Bavarian specialties and vibrant atmosphere, it remains a must-visit for both locals and tourists.

Turkish Restaurants on the List

Gaziantep İmam Çağdaş Kebap and Baklava Salonu

Gaziantep İmam Çağdaş Kebap and Baklava Salonu proudly represent Turkey, securing the 28th position. Despite a slight descent in rankings from the previous year, it remains a leading Turkish culinary establishment.

Bursa Uludağ Kebapçısı Cemal & Cemil Usta

Following closely at 39th place is Bursa Uludağ Kebapçısı Cemal & Cemil Usta, showcasing the diversity of Turkish flavors on the global stage.

Antalya’s 7 Mehmet’s Impressive Climb

7 Mehmet, an iconic restaurant in Antalya, has surged ahead, ascending nine places to claim the 43rd position. A significant achievement, considering the tough competition on the global culinary scene.

Individual Restaurant Spotlights

Gaziantep İmam Çağdaş Kebap and Baklava Salonu’s Ranking

Gaziantep İmam Çağdaş Kebap and Baklava Salonu’s 28th position emphasizes its continued prominence among Turkish eateries globally.

Bursa Uludağ Kebapçısı Cemal & Cemil Usta’s Recognition

Bursa Uludağ Kebapçısı Cemal & Cemil Usta’s recognition at 39th place highlights the authenticity and appeal of Bursa’s culinary offerings.

7 Mehmet’s History and Unique Offerings

7 Mehmet, established in 1937 as a modest soup kitchen, has evolved into a modern Mediterranean-Turkish fusion restaurant. Boasting a menu with nearly 650 Turkish delicacies, it stands out for its commitment to preserving tradition while embracing innovation.

Other Turkish Entries

Tarihi Sultanahmet Köftecisi Selim Usta

Tarihi Sultanahmet Köftecisi Selim Usta secures the 75th spot, representing Istanbul’s historical culinary contributions.

Çiya Sofrası in Istanbul, Kadıköy

Istanbul Kadıköy’s Çiya Sofrası stands proudly at 119th place, showcasing the diversity of Istanbul’s culinary landscape.

Hacı Abdullah Lokantası in Istanbul, Beyoğlu

Istanbul Beyoğlu’s Hacı Abdullah Lokantası claims the 120th position, contributing to the city’s rich gastronomic tapestry.

Taste Atlas’s Feature on 7 Mehmet

Background of 7 Mehmet’s Establishment

Founded in 1937 as a humble çorbacı (soup kitchen), 7 Mehmet has grown into a culinary landmark in Antalya.

Evolution from a Small Soup Kitchen to a Renowned Restaurant

Over the years, 7 Mehmet has expanded, seamlessly blending modern Mediterranean flavors with traditional Turkish cuisine.

Diverse Menu Offerings and its Significance

With a vast menu offering around 650 Turkish dishes, 7 Mehmet plays a crucial role in preserving and promoting Turkey’s rich culinary heritage.

Analysis of Rankings: A

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